Monday, April 19, 2010

playgroup birthday party

If I haven't said it before, we love our playgroup. All our kids are really close in age and are all turning one around this time. We decided to have a big birthday party at the park last week. We always love a reason to party!
All the kids brought board books to exchange with the others, and we had lunch!
These girls and their sweet little ones are like gold to us. We get together weekly and do lots of fun stuff! Normally we snap a fun picture of all the kids. I think that time is coming to an end because they are all moving around and don't want to sit in a line. Moving babies means picture with mommies! I'm kind of glad it worked out this way. I love you, friends!
Mia 9-11 months 629 (2).jpg

From left to right:
Preston (mom, Gretchen had to work), Sandra and Zane, Kora and Caleb, Jake and Kristen, Michele and Piper (back), Erika and Raylee, Natalie and Peyton, Casey and Marshall (back), Camryn and Amanda, Egan and Whitney (back), Mia and Jennifer, Jack and Lisa, Lily and Paola.

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