Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mrs. Lisa's pasta recipe... sort of...

We went over to see our friends a couple of weeks ago and they had this yummy pasta. Egan tried some and loved it. So, I decided to make some for Egan. In my usual fashion, I didn't do it exactly the same, but it was inspired by what Lisa made.
This is how he liked it.

Oh my, he loved it.
Here's how I did it...
Mrs. Lisa's pasta... sort of...
- frozen tortellini
- frozen veggies (Lisa's didn't have this mixed in, but I did it for the ease)
- water
- parmesan cheese
- balsamic vinegar dressing

Add the frozen ingredients and water. Microwave until done. Drain water. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and add dressing. Toss together.

Egan ate it up.

(I added some cranberries by the time I took this picture.)

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