Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mealtime cleanup and more

This is how we cleanup after meals around here.

Maggie cleans up all the crumbs and bits of food from Egan. It's really a win, win. Egan loves the dogs and Maggie loves food. It's a win for me too because Egan doesn't scream about the cleanup. So, in the words of Michael on the Office, "Win, win, win."
And then there is this picture. I love that sweet smile, but oh my, that is a full tummy! Aren't we classy around here? No shirt, saggy pj pants, and a full tummy. Oh, and a dog cleanup machine.

Egan just might not like that picture in a few years, but oh well.
Here's another classic Egan photo.
The bottom drawer has a lot of Egan's toys. He enjoys opening the drawer and pulling them all out. And yes, the Easter Eggs are still a favorite around here.

We went to Egan's 1 year visit to the doctor last week. He weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs 15 oz and he's 30 inches long. (I think I remember that correctly... haha.) He's a strong one, and it took all the nurse and I could do to hold him down for shots. Even she commented on it. He's a feisty one!

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