Saturday, April 3, 2010

his first second

... holiday that is.
Egan was just an itty bitty guy on his first Easter. Tomorrow will be his second Easter. I can't believe how fast my sweet boy is growing up!
Today we went to our friend Marshall's first birthday party. His birthday is one day after Egans. (Must mean Egan's birthday is coming up!) I forgot to bring my camera along, but I did snap a few cute pictures of Egan this afternoon. I'm sure I can get a hold of some actual party pictures if I ask really nicely. Marshall had an easter egg hunt, so I thought Egan should dress in some of his spring best. Check out this cutie!

The flower pot in the background? Yep, those are some flowers I planted recently. I hope they live. If they don't, I'll be somewhat ticked.

He got a lot of great loot from Marshall's party. It was all age appropriate for a 1 year old too! So fun!

We also had church tonight. (Yep, on Saturday.) That meant it was time for the real Easter outfit. He's already worn it several times to the arboretum and to the church egg hunt, but here it was today.


Here's the ever popular model pose. He's got that down for sure.

Happy Easter from an (almost) one year old!

Oh, and just for fun... This is how Egan likes to crawl on the concrete. He's apparently not a fan.

...And another piece of news... We're in the process of getting rid of the paci. We're on night number one. He screamed for 25 minutes before falling asleep. I actually was surprised it wasn't longer. Hope it goes well!


  1. Love the model pose. He's such a stud. :) It was great to see y'all on Saturday.

  2. Love these pics - quite the model, indeed! Happy Easter!