Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why my son and dog smell like rotten milk.

Between Egan and dogs, our house is in a constant state of motion. Tonight was no different. After feeding Egan, I was making a sandwich for myself. Somehow the big thing of yogurt fell out of the frig and onto the floor splattering all over egan, Maggie and myself. Yuck. This is the point that both dogs decided that they love yogurt and Egan decided he likes to splat his hands in the yogurt. Double yuck. So, I threw Maggie outside because I didn't want to be cleaning up more yogurt in various forms tonight. My next step was to wash Egan's foot and leg in the sink since those places had the most white goo. I then proceeded to sit him in front of the tv and clean the floor. At this point, Maggie was ticked that she was missing all the fun, so I let her back in, and went to change clothes myself. I had forgotten that Egan still had a little yogurt on his clothes, but Maggie didn't, so she thought she'd "help" me out by licking him clean. Triple yuck! Anyway, all is well now, Egan is clean, I got to eat my sandwich, and I'm already seeing the funny in my circumstances. Gosh I wish Blake was home though.

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