Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what happens when you take two sweet boys to a pretty place

... you get a lot of cute pictures. This is Jack. He and Egan (and more importantly, their mommies) were itching to get out of the house. A trip to the arboretum was in order, and on a day like today where the weather was stunning, it didn't disappoint.
The light was a bit harsh, and the trees haven't had a chance to fill in to give us a better shade, but we got some good shots anyway.
Here's Egan telling Jack how his mom is always taking pictures of him.

Jack was a quick learner.
IMG_2346 (1).jpg

I just can't believe that they were both so cooperative! I mean, I know Jack is pretty good at sitting still, but I think we all know Egan is not.
Anyway, here are some more cute shots of the boys.

IMG_2360 (1).jpg


IMG_2323 (1).jpg



We're looking forward to lots more arboretum days in the future. Bring it on, Jack!


  1. How FUN! I just received our Arboretum pass in the mail and am looking forward to some pretty days of playing in the sun there.

    How in the world do you get those boys to look at the camera, I wonder???

  2. These are great! The one of both boys is priceless.

  3. So fun! Love the pics and of course those boys are precious as always.