Wednesday, March 24, 2010

standing... constantly...

Egan's new favorite thing is standing. He's been cruising for a long time, and even letting go and standing on his own for a while as well, but he gets so distracted and is too busy bouncing to keep his balance. It also hasn't been that consistent. All of a sudden standing has become so much more fun to him. He actually has pretty good balance and can now stand while swinging his arms wildly. Last night, my good camera was in the other room and Egan was doing his standing/bouncing/swinging arms stunt. I wanted to catch it on camera, but all I had was my cell phone. These are the pictures I captured.

Sad. There just wasn't enough light and the iphone was just struggling.
Today, I was trying to capture the "elusive stand" while we were playing in the living room. This is what I captured. All this took place within 5 minutes. The kid is constantly on the move.

Poor Maggie. She had just gotten back from a run with Blake and just wanted to nap.

She lucked out this time and Egan lost interest in her and moved on to something else.

Let's take a closer look at a few of those small pictures I posted above.
Reading a book.

Egan sitting in the middle of his race car track.

The cheesy grin.

Finally, standing unsupported. Yes, that is a paci with a frog blankie hanging from it. I'm trying to get him to attach to the blankie. So far, it hasn't really worked, but that isn't the point of the story. He's standing!

Here he is a few minutes later. He picked up his truck and stood up!

Great job Egan! We're so proud of you.

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  1. It's not long now... The Stand was only a couple of weeks from First Steps at our house! :) Go, Egan!!