Thursday, March 18, 2010

the big hunt

Today for playgroup, we went to the Easter egg hunt at church. None of our kids are really old enough to get what's going on, but we had fun with the little ones anyway.
Egan "got his hunt on" and found two pink eggs. That made his dad especially proud.

You know he is a photographer's kid when he strikes his fancy kneeling pose.

As you can see, the eggs were well hidden.

Egan decided to "hunt" for the more difficult eggs under the slide.

Blake got to come down to the easter egg hunt for a bit to hang out with us, and he even helped Egan with his first sliding experience. Egan, the daredevil, loved it.

We also got a cute picture of part of our playgroup. Remember these cute kids? They have all grown so much!
IMG_2748 (1).jpg

Everyone found some eggs and had tons of fun in the beautiful weather!

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