Sunday, March 7, 2010

11 months

Dear Egan,
Today you turn 11 months old. Just typing that is hard because in a month you will be a year old. This month has been fun. The most exciting development is that you have a new dog!
You love Maggie and we are trying to teach you how to be gentle with her, but she is pretty patient with you when you aren't. She loves playing fetch in the back yard and I think you will enjoy doing that with her this summer. Sometimes you try to use her to stand up by pushing on her back. I discourage that. I think you and Maggie are going to be great friends.
Speaking of standing, you are starting to stand more and more while letting go of whatever you were using to stand. Here in the last few days you've even started standing from a squatting position. That is a bit harder though. You are using anything that moves to assist you in walking around the house including a little scooter and your highchair.
I've figured out that you have started saying "dog". It really sounds more like "doh", but you point at the dogs and say it repeatedly. "Doh, doh, doh."
You are now eating mostly finger foods, and you are really good at it. It is a challenge for me to come up with good things for you to eat and to keep enough food in front of you. You still eat ALOT, and you will eat pretty much anything I'm eating. You will eat raw broccoli sometimes, but it is a food that you really like to share with Maggie. She doesn't complain, but I am not such a fan. It is funny to me though that you pick out the broccoli to give to her and not the "good stuff". You really don't like it when I tell you that you can't throw food. That usually ends in a fit. It is a work in progress for sure.
This month you had your first ear infection, or well 2 ear infections. That wasn't fun for any of us. There were a lot of sleepless nights during that time.
You are so much fun to take to restaurants and to the grocery store. You sit so nice and quietly in the cart and then charm everyone in the store by waving and smiling at them. You are so cute and social... well, as long as mom or dad are around. You still don't like to be left without us. That is another thing we will continue to work on.
Egan, we love you when you are happy and when you are sad. You are a joy through it all.
mom and dad

Here are a few recent pictures.
Maggie, Egan, and Bo

How cute is this chair? I found it at a consignment sale last week for... $5. I'm in love. Oh yeah, and that's a pretty cute little boy sitting in it. He's a big fan too, he sat in the chair and I never had to keep him from diving out!




This is Egan's other new chair. Isn't it cute? My parent's had the chair laying around and then we just got the new orange cover. Awesome!

Yeah, he stood up to watch dad outside. I only let him do this for a second.

The other day I got Bo a new toy. It is a tiny rubber chicken, and it is the most coveted toy in the house by both dogs and Egan. This is one occasion that Bo didn't mind playing with Egan.

Since I was in Egan's room, I decided to give you a quick update on his wall. It is slowly but surely coming together. See for yourself. The right side is just about done, but when you see the whole wall... the left side is where it isn't done.

Happy 11 months, Egan!

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  1. Wow, Whitney! Great job on these walls!