Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun in the sun, and a lot of tulips.

Yesterday, our playgroup met up at the Arboretum for a fun "mommy and me" day. Some of us started with a Strollerfit work-out where the kids sat in their strollers and stared at us working out like crazy people. It was fun!
Then, we had a picnic under a tree where Jack showed off his new scooting skills.

And everyone was super impressed with his awesome skills.

Marshall modeled his awesome shirt.

Jack played with Camryn's pink toy... as did all the other boys there.

Raylee snuggled with mommy.

Between his escape attempts, Egan made himself at home with Casey and played with Marshall.

We spotted this cute little girl, and I stalked her asked her mom if I could take a picture of her cute outfit so that a playgroup mom could try to duplicate it. How cute is she?

Finally, Camryn got her toy back from the boys.

Jack studied something he found in the grass.

Sweet Adalyn and her mom Jessica, who is a friend from our days in NYC, joined us today for the fun. Her mom got a look at what her life will look like here in a few months once Adalyn becomes mobile.

Finally, we took the infamous group shot (where the photographer somehow didn't focus on the babies. Dang.
From left to right, Marshall, Caleb, Raylee, Camryn, Mia, Jake (a bit hidden), Preston, Jack, Egan, and Zane.

Once we all packed up, we headed out to find some tulips for some more fun pictures. Along the way, I saw this...
WOW, wow, WOW!

Finally, we took a few more pictures before heading home after a long day!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

standing... constantly...

Egan's new favorite thing is standing. He's been cruising for a long time, and even letting go and standing on his own for a while as well, but he gets so distracted and is too busy bouncing to keep his balance. It also hasn't been that consistent. All of a sudden standing has become so much more fun to him. He actually has pretty good balance and can now stand while swinging his arms wildly. Last night, my good camera was in the other room and Egan was doing his standing/bouncing/swinging arms stunt. I wanted to catch it on camera, but all I had was my cell phone. These are the pictures I captured.

Sad. There just wasn't enough light and the iphone was just struggling.
Today, I was trying to capture the "elusive stand" while we were playing in the living room. This is what I captured. All this took place within 5 minutes. The kid is constantly on the move.

Poor Maggie. She had just gotten back from a run with Blake and just wanted to nap.

She lucked out this time and Egan lost interest in her and moved on to something else.

Let's take a closer look at a few of those small pictures I posted above.
Reading a book.

Egan sitting in the middle of his race car track.

The cheesy grin.

Finally, standing unsupported. Yes, that is a paci with a frog blankie hanging from it. I'm trying to get him to attach to the blankie. So far, it hasn't really worked, but that isn't the point of the story. He's standing!

Here he is a few minutes later. He picked up his truck and stood up!

Great job Egan! We're so proud of you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fun at the backdoor

This was the sight much of the afternoon in our house.

Who knew a backdoor could be so much fun?
If they both weren't staring out the window, then one was.

or the other was...

It was the end of the afternoon just before dinnertime, and I had one grubby little boy, but I sure was enjoying the light from the backdoor.

True photographer, right?

Well, till this happened.

I don't know what he was doing. He was having fun though!
Then, without notice, he sat up with his back against the door, looked out the window, and posed perfectly.

So, that's my shot of the day, and I just might have found a new favorite photo spot. delicious.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

little eater who doesn't eat a little

Recently, Egan has taken even more of a liking to food. I'm constantly trying to keep fresh ideas for food in front of him, and he seems to appreciate that. One of the recent things he's been eating is beans. A 15 bean soup to be more exact. If you know me well, you know that I despise beans of all kinds. YUCK! This kid loves his beans though, so I'll keep giving them to him.

I've learned a few lessons with the beans though. Egan is not allowed to wear clothes while eating them because he gets so messy.

Egan says "mmmmmmmmm, so good."

Maggie agrees. She doesn't move from under the highchair anytime Egan is in it.

So, that was the first time Egan ate his bean soup. Since then, I've changed my method.

No clothes allowed.
Still messy, but Egan is ok with that!

(The orange things are sweet potatoes.)
Egan's other favorite foods these days?
-Grapes (If he sees them across the room, he refuses to eat anything else. HE LOVES GRAPES. I can't cut them quick enough.)
-Peas (We have a bag of frozen peas and carrots. He devours the peas, and he will happily eat the carrots, but WILL NOT pick them up for himself.)
-Ground beef
-Sweet potatoes
-Apple sauce with yogurt
-Grilled Cheese
-Mixed veggies (corn, green beans, peas, carrots. Yes, he actually ate the green beans... shock!)
-Squash (I seasoned and grilled it on the grill. HUGE HIT!)

That is all I can think of right now. He will eat pretty much anything these days. Last night we even shared our macaroni and cheese. yum.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the big hunt

Today for playgroup, we went to the Easter egg hunt at church. None of our kids are really old enough to get what's going on, but we had fun with the little ones anyway.
Egan "got his hunt on" and found two pink eggs. That made his dad especially proud.

You know he is a photographer's kid when he strikes his fancy kneeling pose.

As you can see, the eggs were well hidden.

Egan decided to "hunt" for the more difficult eggs under the slide.

Blake got to come down to the easter egg hunt for a bit to hang out with us, and he even helped Egan with his first sliding experience. Egan, the daredevil, loved it.

We also got a cute picture of part of our playgroup. Remember these cute kids? They have all grown so much!
IMG_2748 (1).jpg

Everyone found some eggs and had tons of fun in the beautiful weather!

the inaugural fire

Last night we had our first fire in the new fire pit. We sat in camping chairs and roasted marshmallows on hangers.

Then we made them into s'mores.

The Howell family joined us for the big s'more cooking event even though it was past their bedtime, and while they ate their s'mores, Maggie closely supervised incase they dropped anything.

Egan helped his dad roast their marshmallows... but he didn't get to have any. He did love the graham crackers though!

Fun was had. Sweets were eaten. Laughs flowed around the fire.

Till it burned down to embers.

Looking forward to lots more evenings spent like this throughout the summer. That means we are going to need to learn to start our own fire though.