Thursday, February 11, 2010

a success... valentine's came early this year.

Valentine's day came early this year. It came yesterday, in fact. Not for the rest of the world, really just for us. I planned a little get-away for us to The Great Wolf Lodge, got Egan and Bo places to stay, and got Blake two days off work... all without him knowing we were even going.
Yesterday, Blake woke up to a card on the nightstand telling him that we were going "somewhere" and that he wasn't going to work. We spent the morning hanging out together, got everything together, dropped Egan off and then dropped Bo off... then checked in to the hotel.
This was Egan's first night away from home, and I while I haven't gotten the full report, I think he did ok. We... well, we did fine too. Blake and I enjoyed our day spent together. Great Wolf was a blast. I mean, we climbed a lot of stairs, and that made me realize why sometimes it is good to have some lines at rides. It gives you a break! We rode all the slides, and rode our favorites multiple times. We also swam in the wave pool and the lazy river to which Blake said, "I don't get it. If it is a lazy river, why is there water that pummels you in the head? It isn't so lazy." Well Blake, I guess you are right. Maybe it should be called the super exciting, man-made river with tubes floating in it, and water that hits you in the face.
I don't have any pictures of the water-park because I didn't want to take my camera to the area full of water. Here are a few pictures from the last time we went. It was Egan's first time swimming!
After we had our fill of the water-park, we played a very ungrown-up game running (really, just walking) around the hotel on an adventure. We had to solve the riddles with these...

... our borrowed wands.
I took on "princess Leia" as my name, and Blake was "John Paul Jones". It was fun and silly. Yes, we are just big kids, and we are ok with that.

After a long day swimming, I fell asleep early and didn't wake till 9:30 this morning. Wow, that was nice. When we woke up, this was the view out our window.


How amazing is that?!? This was even at 9:30 this morning and it continued to snow for the rest of the day. We got A LOT of snow!
After we checked out of the hotel, we spent some more time in the water. It was kind of surreal to be in such a warm "summery" place while watching the snow fall outside. It was a great day and hopefully we can do it again! It will be even more fun when Egan is old enough to enjoy it as well!
We made our way home this afternoon, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of home and the snow.
Here's the view out our front window.

Our front walkway.

Our backyard.

and one more out the front.

Blake was nice to let me take a nap. This was my view.

Well, maybe it was more like this since I was laying down...

Unfortunately, Egan didn't want to let me have any shuteye, so I moved to our bed for a few minutes.
Tonight, after Egan went to bed we went outside to collect some snow to make snow ice cream. The light was so strange outside. These colors are real. The sky was pinkish and the neighbor's light was greenish. These were even taken at 8:30 pm! Crazy!


We even made our snow ice cream where we broke the cardinal rule. We ate yellow snow.

No, it wasn't yellow because of Bo's help. He won't step foot in the snow for any reason.
Could we have had any more fun? I think not.

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