Saturday, February 13, 2010

the science experiment

We had some fun on Friday with some friends whose parents had some stuff they needed to do sans children. (We love the new car, guys!) In my book, big kids coming over means some sort of art project or "science experiment" is in order.
Once I got Egan down for a nap, it was experiment time. Look what we made!
First, Cole had the job of emptying the bottle of glue into the bowl.

Naiya got to dump the water in. Then, we decided to add some blue food coloring.

We then diluted Borax into some water and combined the two mixtures.

and mixed with our hands... This is where Naiya decided this was "gross".

Once it was mixed, it was time to play!
IMG_1888 copy.jpg

Look! We made flubber!

Want to make some of your own? Here's the recipe we used.

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