Friday, February 5, 2010

Our new ride!

Check out our new ride! For the first time in our 5.5 year marriage, we are a 2 car family! It was just under 2 years ago when we purchased our first car after going 3 years without one, and now we finally were able to add a second car. I couldn't be more excited. We were really looking for an affordable SUV like car with a fold down third seat that we could use when we needed to. Oh yeah, and I didn't want something HUGE because I didn't want to have to drive that on a regular basis. We drove several kinds of cars but this one really fit what we wanted/needed.
Meed our new (to us) Honda Pilot!

Egan loves that he can now easily see out the window, and I have enjoyed the moonroof (only closed so far) and especially the seat warmer on these cold days. We like it for sure!


  1. Yay for the sweet new ride! HOW FUN!

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