Monday, February 22, 2010

a lot of Egan

After last week's crazy events including a fat lip and a double ear infection, I thought it was time for some new cute, happier pictures. After our rough day Thursday (that I shared about here) and another rough night Thursday night that resulted in Egan in our bed (something that hasn't happened since he was a newborn), we decided that it was most likely an ear infection. It was. Thankfully, he is now on the mend just in time for what I suspect is another tooth. It is always something!
Anyway, here are some fun pictures I took of Egan this weekend. Pictures weren't planned so his clothes are a bit disheveled, but represent Egan on a typical day. He thankfully only had one stain on his jacket by this point!

The many faces of Egan. Every picture has a different expression. How can I pick a favorite?


Egan is waving at everything these days, and picture time is no different. I love it.
IMG_2215 (1).jpg



Egan was NOT a fan of the grass. Every time we put him down in it, he made the funniest faces and really didn't want to put his hands down in it.
IMG_2083 (1).jpg

He had so much fun crawling and walking around all the rocks. The weather was nice, light was awesome, and I had a happy boy to work with! Perfect!

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