Wednesday, February 17, 2010

he's all boy


Yep, that's a fat lip, and it happened last night just before bed. I had already gotten him in his pjs and we were just playing in the floor for a little bit before time for sleep. Egan was practice standing with no hands when he stumbled and hit his lip on the floor. He cried for a little bit but then went on playing. That was when I noticed his lip was a little big. I felt bad especially since just last week it was a bump on the head.
Just so no one worries, here's a smiley picture of my sweet boy. By the way, his lip is back to normal today.

While all this was going down, Bo was being unusually feisty with his new donkey toy. Thanks to my parents for the most annoying toy ever.

Egan and Bo had fun digging all the toys out of the basket right before bed. Bo was on the hunt for his hotdog and Egan was on the hunt for anything with buttons. He ended up with the remote that happened to be left on the floor when he fell.

Why is it my living room always ends up looking like a tornado came through it? It's an uphill battle with these three (!) boys I live with. Oh well.

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