Saturday, February 27, 2010

Egan's new buddy ... maybe


Meet Maggie, Egan's new dog (maybe). Maggie's family, some friends of ours, were looking for a new home for her because they were unable to keep her anymore. I say maybe because she is currently here on a temporary basis as we decide if she fits into our family. Egan and Maggie have made fast friends and so far she has been really good with him.

Bo, on the other hand isn't so amused by Miss Maggie. He has done better than I expected, but he still gets a bit territorial, and I guess that's fair since this is "his" house. He had already been spending more time the last few weeks on the back of the sofa to get out of the way of Egan's grabs and constant chasing, but here he was on his perch the other day.

Maggie likes to interact with Egan, and anything that he has is interesting... even some mail he found on the table.

Speaking of Egan getting mail off the table, Egan is INTO EVERYTHING. I think I've said that before, but here are a few shots of him as I followed him around one afternoon (and pulled him out of places he shouldn't be).
I took this picture just after the washer finished washing, so that is why the light is on. Egan thought that was so cool.

Then it was on to the bathroom to see what was new in there (nothing).

Things that he also did that I did not get a photograph of include:
- Use his highchair (with wheels) as a walker across the tile floor in the kitchen.
- Walk along all the kitchen cabinets making sure they are all locked.
- Dash to the freezer every time it opens so he can try to pull stuff out and... I don't know he just likes doing it. (Our freezer is a drawer on the bottom of our fridge.)
- Climb on the dishwasher so he can try to pull the silverware and dishes out. I don't allow it since there are sharp things.
- Chase dogs.
- Slam things on the floor... repeatedly.
- Crawl into his bedroom, play, and throw balls all over... oh yeah, and dig a paci out of his crib. They are only allowed in there.
- Empty the toy basket.
- Dig more pacis out of the crib.
- Scream when mom has to go to the bathroom.
- Find the dog bowl and splash all the water out.
- Find a tiny piece of fuzz or something on the floor that belongs in mouth. sigh.
- Find way back to the dog bowl and splash water out again.
- Attempt to eat dog food. Tonight he almost got a piece of Maggie's food in his mouth. Almost. That was a close one.
Seriously, this kid is always on the move, but I don't know that I would have it any other way. Along with all that moving come a lot of sweet, sweet smiles. Much like this one.

Yes, I just posted pictures of my laundry room (actually closet) with stuff on the floor and clothes piled high on top of the washer and bathroom with shower curtain open and toilet in the foreground. I'm just cool like that. Not. I do this more for my memories than anyone else. Thanks for coming along for the ride.
Welcome to our crazy house, Maggie!

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