Tuesday, February 23, 2010

adventures in eating with Egan

Egan is a funny kid. Here are some new "mealtime fun" pictures from the last few days.
Guess who loves chocolate pudding...

Egan loves chocolate pudding.
We gave him a taste of ours when we finished our pudding cups (yum). He thought it was the best thing ever.

Blake gave Egan his spoon once he had finished and Egan thought that was so fun.

In fact, it was all fun and games till dad had to wipe off his face and hands. Who knew that could be so bad?

(Yes, Egan was still wearing his pjs at lunch time. We were having a lazy day and they keep his feet warm on our cold floors.)
Here are some more mealtime pictures. For lunch, I fixed him a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich just like mine.

I cut it up into small bits and also gave him some pickle bites.

He actually preferred the pickle to the sandwich, but he ate quite a bit of both. Bo thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers as well.
I'm not sure what is with this grin today, but he kept doing it, and I think it is super cute. Looks like Egan is learning to smile for the camera!

Egan says, "yum! Mom should cook this stuff more often!"

(Yes, the neck of his shirt was a bit big and hanging super low. I even found bits of sandwich and pickles on his belly at his next diaper change. Yum, nothing like saving a snack for later!)

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