Tuesday, January 19, 2010

growing up!

Egan has been doing a little (or a lot in my opinion) of growing up lately.
Just yesterday his second tooth broke through! It was also just yesterday that I heard him "crunch" a cheerio. He's using those teeth! He's loving feeding himself and we do quite a few meals of mostly finger foods. Egan has also learned the difference between yogurt melts and cheerios. I don't want him to eat a lot of the yogurt melts as they are basically like candy, but a few here and there keep his attention, so I've been mixing a few yogurt melts in with the cheerios. It has worked like a charm till today when I noticed him picking out all the yogurt melts first and then eating the cheerios. Game is up!
My favorite development is this...

He has decided he can hold his own bottle! I've been trying to convince him of this the last few weeks but he has REFUSED and thrown quite a few fits over it. I say convince because I've seen him pick up a sippy cup and drink from it, but he likes to be served his bottle. I, on the other hand, just wanted him to be able to hold his bottle so that if I need to feed him on the go, I can much easier. I love the time we have snuggling on the couch feeding him, and I'm sure that time will come to an end much too quickly, so I'm really cherishing these moments. He can now hold his own bottle. Yay Egan!
Egan is also doing a much better job at letting me walk out of the room for small amount of time without melting down. I'm not saying he will always let me go to the bathroom without screaming for me, but it is getting better.

He's also following us around the house more which is kind of nice to not have to carry him. This also means that he is chasing Bo more. If Bo is in a good mood, he likes it. I can just see Egan and Bo doing laps through the living room, hall, kitchen, and back to the living room.... over and over.

How cute is he in that diaper? He was wearing pants earlier, but after his last diaper change, I didn't think it was worth the fight to get them back on him.
Thanks Egan for the fun!

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