Sunday, January 24, 2010

family outing


The cuteness? Yeah, he gets that from his mom...

Wait, who am I kidding? He looks too much like his dad for me to claim that.

We had a fun family day at the arboretum on friday. It was beautiful! We packed a picnic and spent the afternoon there strolling around... and taking some pictures... (duh!)
I asked for a membership to the arboretum for Christmas from my parents and I couldn't be more excited about it. They have so many fun things for kids and it is the most picturesque place I know. So fun! You can know we will be visiting often, and even more sure you will like the pictures coming out of there. I'm looking forward to spring!

So, yes, incase you were wondering, it is January here, and yes, I had my son out in only a t-shirt. Can you believe it was in the 70s on Friday? Egan was a great sport and was happy to show off his awesome crawling skills. You won't see any pictures of him in the grass here because he WAS NOT A FAN OF THE GRASS. At all. He looked like a cat walking in peanut butter (thank you for that, Blake), or maybe more like Bo walking in snow. Wait, Bo refuses to walk in snow, so maybe more like what Bo would look like if he were to walk in the snow. It was funny none-the-less.
Since the grass wasn't his favorite, we moved to the park bench so he could show off his one handed standing skills.

Not too shabby, right?

Then, he showed off his awesome skills at clapping.

Before we left, we stopped by my favorite spot for a few more pictures, and even though the light wasn't the best, Egan made the most of it and offered up a few cute pictures.


Ah, the arboretum. one of my favorite places, and it was only made better by my company. Thanks for the fun day, Blake and Egan and thanks for the membership, mom and dad! We can't wait to go back!

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