Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning plus a little catch up

Phew, what a week it has been. Where have we been? Well, we went to see both sides of our family for Christmas, and then hoped for a quiet week at home while Blake had some time off from work. We have had anything but that this last week. Monday we had fun going shopping and spending some of our Christmas money including Egan's snazzy new big boy car seat. He is riding in style now! Monday evening after Egan went to bed, I noticed that it was getting colder and colder in the house. Blake took a look at the heater, and it had some sort of error light signaling, so we got a few space heaters set up in our bedrooms and slept fine. Tuesday, a repairman came over to take a look at the heater and it was decided that parts would have to be ordered... fun times. We spent a few nights with some of our Watermark family so that we wouldn't have to be in a cold house, but finally decided that it wasn't that cold after all, so home we came. We got another heater, sealed off Egan's room as well as the guest bedroom, and have been staying warm since then. Not to worry, Egan hasn't been freezing. He's just been sleeping in our bedroom. Our heater still isn't fixed, but life is always an adventure, isn't it? So, that's a quick update with where we have been, now back to where I left off after Christmas.
Egan's first Christmas was a blast! We got snow on Christmas Eve which meant Egan's first Christmas was a white one! Fun!
Here's a picture of the snow coming down.
Egan playing in the presents and can't wait till he gets to open them tomorrow!
Bo was NOT a fan of the snow.
but I had fun taking some pictures in it!
Christmas Eve is a busy day for Blake. This year, there were 4 Christmas Eve services plus rehearsal. Egan and I had a fun morning at home, and then went to the early service at church. Later in the afternoon we went over to the Howell family's house and had a fun christmas Eve dinner with 9 kids and 10 adults before all the dads headed back to the church for the 11pm service. It was fun!
We spent Christmas morning at home with just our little family.
Egan had fun playing with daddy and has been pushing this little table around. He's that close to walking... I can't believe it!
We didn't go overboard with gifts for Egan this year. In fact, we didn't buy him any toys because we figured he'd get enough from everyone else. (He did.) We did, however get him a few things he needed. If you know me, it was more for the photo op than anything as he couldn't care less about gifts. Here's his one.
That photo was by Blake. Great job, honey!
Before we opened gifts, we lit a roaring fire.
Or maybe we just turned the TV to the "Yule Log" channel.
When it finally came time to open presents, Egan wasn't too excited as can be seen here.
but that didn't last long.
IMG_0993 (1).jpg
I helped him open his present from us and in true Christmas morning fashion, we are all in pjs so, please excuse that moving forward.
(Aparently, the top half of my face isn't that important to Blake. Just kidding. He did a great job.)
Check out Egan's cool new shoes!
Blake helped Egan open his stocking (while Bo oversaw what all was going on.)
He got some really cool bowls that stick to his highchair. Lucky kid, right?
Just me admiring my cute boys...
Blake got some really cool stuff, but the best was this mug.
After all the fun inside, we went outside to enjoy the snow a bit!
Well, Bo didn't enjoy the snow, but he was out there.
It was a fun Christmas morning with my sweet boys! It is hard to believe how much life has changed since last year, but I wouldn't have it any other way. More to come with Christmas with our extended families, but Egan just woke up from a nap, so back to work for me!

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  1. I can't believe Egan is already walking pushing stuff around.. he may beat Tegan to it! :) She's taken a few steps without holding on, but that's it so far. 1 year old next week (15th). So fun to see/read what y'all have been up to. Thanks for the great posts & pics!