Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 months?!?

Dear Egan, I simply cannot believe you are nine months old already. You become more fun daily. This month was a big month! You celebrated your first Christmas! Christmas is way more fun when there's a sweet little boy to spend it with. You are crawling like a mad man all over the house and still love to stand any time you can. You are now cruising along the sofa and love to push some of your new toys along as you WALK! Yes, you can walk while pushing a toy along! You also still love to chase Bo around the house. You love it even more when we hold you and help you chase Bo around the house. He likes it too. He gets one of his favorite toys to play with and enjoys the chase.
Our heater went out last week which wasn't the most fun thing ever. You were such a champ sleeping wherever we happened to stay. I still don't know how we were blessed with such a great sleeper. Our heater is now fixed, and you are finally back to sleeping in your own bed after being in a pack 'n play for a long time. Yay!
Another new thing... you have a tooth! Last Thursday I noticed that it had almost broken though, and it finally did break through this weekend. You are super close to cutting one more. Let me tell you, teething is NOT FUN. You have been so sad this week. We have done what we can to help you with the pain, but you just haven't been yourself. I guess it is good though because we don't want you to live toothless forever!
You are still a great eater and have really started doing a great job of feeding yourself. I think that is cute and you are so proud of yourself when you get food in your mouth all by yourself.
You smile a lot. It melts my heart. I love that you smile in response to my smiles. You are one smiley boy!
One not so fun thing is you don't like to be left alone without mom or dad. That makes the Church nursery a bit hard, but that is something you are going to have to learn to love. Sorry, baby! You also don't like to be left in a room alone. I think you are still learning that you can actually follow us and you are starting to do that more. I think that will help with your frustration level a lot.
As I type this you are taking an awesome nap. We spent the morning at the doctor for your 9 month checkup and then went to playgroup. You are beat! At the doctor you weighed in at 18lbs 10oz. That is a pound less than last month's weigh in, but since last month wasn't an official weigh in, you had clothes on and a cloth diaper. Today you just had a disposable diaper on. They weigh quite a bit less. You have slowed down your growth a lot here recently since you are moving so much. Ok, you are moving CONSTANTLY.
Lastly, your hair has really thickened up and started getting longer. It really makes you look more and more like a little boy and not a baby. Your dad had fun the other night giving you a mohawk. He thought that was pretty cool, and I think you did too.

Egan, we love you and are loving watching you grow up into a fun, happy little boy.
I love you,

Here's another little picture that I think really shows life around here.

Egan with his styling hairdo. Mom with the camera. Dad with his iphone taking pictures, and Egan giving me a look like "Gosh mom, enough already." I love this kid.
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