Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a winner?!?

We recently went to the most fun Christmas party possibly of all time. Blake's staff party never fails to be a blast! Here's what I had to say last year about the party.
This year, Blake's team decided to all wear festive attire to the party. Note: it WASN'T a dress up party.
Isn't this a fun bunch?
IMG_0106 (2).jpg

A little closer look at what Blake was wearing. Oh, and all the guys grew/shaved current facial hair into mustaches.
IMG_0108 (1).jpg

All the staff were given tickets to bid on some various items like jackets, shirts, hats, bags, cereal boxes, spam, and several other fun things. Each item also had a consequence if it was won. Blake won 2 items and also won 2 "fun" consequences.
One was that Blake had to sing the national anthem before the final game of the evening.
IMG_0112 (1).jpg

IMG_0113 (1).jpg

He is also part of the newly formed swim team. He gets to swim in the pond outside each week! As do the other people standing here at the front. Did I mention that will be happening for the whole next year?!?
IMG_0110 (1).jpg

The last game of the evening was Family Feud where the final 5 get to compete for a trip to Costa Rica!
IMG_0115 (1).jpg

Here's the whole Arts team plus spouses. Aren't we a cool bunch?
IMG_0121 (2).jpg

Aaand Blake and me. I'm just sorry you can't see my awesome Santa pin, very large Christmas tree ear rings, and poinsettia turtle neck.
IMG_0124 (1).jpg

Fun (and humiliating) times were had by all. Good food was consumed. Laughs were had. We even came home with some goodies! I'd say I'm looking forward to next year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playgroup Christmas bash

This morning was a super fun playgroup Christmas bash! (In all honesty, they also had one last week, but we were out of town. Hey, we take every chance we can to have a party!)
All the kids wore their festive jammies. We actually didn't buy any for Egan this year, so he is wearing his shirt from last year and a pair of pants from another pair of pjs that will fit over his cast. Make it work! He made himself right at home and had lots of fun playing with Marshall's bus.

Here's a bit of the chaos.

We also had a "dirty Santa" exchange. It is where everyone brings a gift, we all draw numbers, and the first person chooses a gift... followed by the next (who can either choose a new gift to unwrap or steal someone else's gift.) It then goes on and on with everyone getting to steal or open a new gift. It was fun!

Apparently the party wore Caleb out.


Here's the whole crew! We had so much fun, ladies!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So proud.

Egan anxiously watched for his daddy last Sunday as he...

... finished his first marathon!

Here he is just almost at the finish line after running 26.2 miles!

He even managed a smile and a thumbs up.

At the beginning of the year, Blake set out to run a marathon before the year was out. He began training several times a week, ran a 1/2 marathon in August, and finally completed his goal.

Here he is at the finish line.



Blake's dad, Andy, also ran the race and finished just after Blake. He also managed a smile and a wave to his cheering section.




They did it! We are so proud of you both!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a lake weekend

(This actually happened about a month ago, but with the broken leg and Thanksgiving, I'm playing catch up.)
If you've been reading my blog for any time, you should recognize these faces.

They are (some) of the moms of the other kids in Egan's playgroup. This pictures represents a first though... the first time we've ever had a group picture minus the little ones. This picture was also taken after a long day of work (being moms) and driving, but that is how it goes, right!

We stayed up late, had uninterrupted conversation... (a first!), made s'mores, and laughed till we couldn't any more. It was so refreshing.

Cool weather, a fire, marshmallows, friends = a great evening.



We also learned that the super mega jumbo marshmallows are just too big for s'mores. The regular 'ole "jet puffed" ones do just fine.

The next day, we took a walk... a nice long, scenic walk.






And also played some fun games!

Oh, and I'm sure there was more walking, talking, eating, laughing, storytelling, exploring, relaxing... and much much more. These moms (and their sweet babies) are truly a great gift from God, and I look forward to the years to come watching their kids grow into sweet boys and girls. When is our next mom's weekend?!?

20 months

Dear Egan,
Happy 20 months, sweet boy! It has been quite an eventful month for you both good and bad. First, that broken leg. That wasn't fun and is still causing you a bit of a rough time. It took you less than a week to re-learn how to walk on it. Now you are cruising around like a pro.
You also got your first hair cut!

You did so great while getting it cut. Not a tear! I think you were mostly just puzzled about what was going on.


It turned out so cute!

Another fun thing we got to do this month was to go see a bunch of wild animals. You haven't stopped talking about them since. It was pretty fun to drive through the park looking for animals. I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!
You've been talking non-stop. You can say or at least try to say any word. Some of them are more clear than others. We are working on your manners. Specifically "No thank-you." and "Yes please." Other common things you say are "Help please" and "Airplane!" You can say "mama" and will do it sometimes, but I think you know it aggravates me when you won't. Stinker! Oh, and your favorite word these days is of course.... "NO!"
Your favorite game... wrestling, of course! Mostly, you like to wrestle with your dad, but sometimes you wrestle with me as well.
You are so much fun these days and I look forward to the new and fun things you are going to do each and every day. I love you!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Manimals!" (picture overload ahead)

That's what Egan calls the variety of animals we saw last week at Fossil Rim. He had SO much fun, and it was a great activity for a little boy who couldn't really walk. (He's since gotten it down and does sort of a Frankenstein walk.) (Thanks mom for the fun and great idea!)
Fossil Rim is a place where exotic animals roam freely near where my parents live. You stay in your car and drive through to see the animals and feed them too!
Egan loved that we didn't make him stay in his car seat.

I should probably go get the brochure that told what all the animals are, but it is in the car, and it is cold.

The day we visited Fossil Rim, it was cool outside, so we were able to open the windows and let Egan enjoy hanging out.

An emu.

An unknown animal that looks like he has a toupee (spelling?).

He was friendly.

I'm pretty sure Egan is saying something like "Manimal!" here.

See? very friendly.

This guy doesn't look as friendly, but he was.




I thought Egan would love the zebra because they are one of his favorites to point out in books and stuff, but they were a little too friendly and scared him.


Alright, so I can't really blame him. He was sticking his head in our car.

This guy was really friendly... and got really close.








After lunch, it was finally warm enough for the giraffes to come out of their shelter. They didn't get close to us this trip, but they were still really cool.





Our trip was so much fun! Can't wait to go back!