Tuesday, December 8, 2009

trouble in the making.

Last week Egan had a playmate come over to play with him. This is Marshall, and he and Egan are in a playgroup together. They also just so happen to be one day apart in age. It was so fun having them both here together because they are just starting to notice each other and also interact with each other.
They are also starting to learn to share, and this is Egan's sharing face.
They also did a great job just playing on the floor. I think that is why I love this age so much. They just love to play! It is, however taking me a little getting used to having my living room looking like this all the time. There are always toys scattered everywhere... sigh.
Here's another cute one. For the moment, Egan will still play in the exersaucer, but seems to prefer pulling up and standing beside it and playing with the toys this way.
Thanks Marshall for coming to play with us!

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  1. I'm just getting around to checking everyone's posts this week. What great pictures and thanks again for helping to watch him. I REALLY appreciate it! Right back at ya if you're ever in need!