Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa... not quite the mall way.

Last week we went to see Santa at the mall with our playgroup. Egan didn't sit with Santa then because I refused to pay $20 for the smallest package of pictures. Really? And the prints are washed out and yucky. Sorry, Santa.
We did, however, plan a trip somewhere else to see Santa. Can you guess where this North Pole scene is?
It is none other than Bass Pro Shop! We heard last year that they offer free pictures with Santa, and free is way better than $20 in my book.
We started the morning with the Howell family at the town Christmas parade in the 27 degree weather. We didn't last through the whole thing. After that we all headed out to Bass Pro with the little ones.
They had a lot of fun toys to play with.
and lots of fun stuff for Egan to look at.
Blake and I were just hoping that a Bass Pro Santa would have taxidermied reindeer, and they didn't disappoint.
The kids each took their turn with Santa, and because Egan isn't old enough to fear scary men in furry red suits yet, he smiled like a champ. It's like he's never had his picture taken... ahem.. or maybe a few THOUSAND times in his short almost 8 month life.
And for good measure, I had to include the reindeer, because you know those mall Santas don't have anything this realistic.
After Egan saw Santa, we did really family oriented things like shooting electronic pink guns while holding babies.
and watch an "outdoors man" teach people how to fish... by demonstrating it in a very large fish tank.
We also let Egan sit on a rock ledge while a deer leaped over and almost landed on him. No trick photography here.
Naiya found a little calmer one.
Egan gave his dad fashion advice.
And lastly we saw these...
Camo underwear. Yes, I just posted a picture here.
The thing I don't get is, isn't the point of it being UNDERwear that it is covered? And isn't the point of camo that you can't see it in the brush? How many hunters out there are going only in their underwear that would necessitate camo ones? Just a good thought to ponder this Christmas.

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  1. Love the underwear and the train of thought behind it!
    And the reindeer is a nice touch. We might have to hit Bass Pro Shop and see if stuffed animals surrounding Santa act as a deterrent for the tears...