Thursday, December 17, 2009

pj christmas party for the wee ones

Today was the Christmas party with Egan's playgroup, and boy was it fun! All those cute little kids all together all dressed in their Christmas PJs. I love it! The kids are all in various stages of learning to move. That's a scary thing. When we started this playgroup, the babies were all small and pretty much just hung out. Those times are quickly changing and the babies are starting to interact much much more. I think the playgroup will always be for the moms (We need adult time too!), but it is becoming more for the babies and their social interaction as well.
We had lots of yummy food (what Christmas party doesn't?), a gift exchange, and even attempted a photo of all our little cuties together.
From left to right: Marshall, Piper (just a little piece of her... sorry, Piper!), Egan, Jack, Jake, Preston, Mia (laying in front... isn't that like her to be the center of attention? Love you, Mia!), Peyton (little miss cheesing it up in ALL the pictures), Caleb, Camryn, and Zane. Wow, that's a lot of babies! Were we successful?
playgroup christmas (1).jpg

I'd say... maybe. Melt downs started, and we can't really see poor Piper. I'd like to say that it will get easier as they can all sit up better, but I know that it won't, so for now, I'll call it a success. I think we will look back and laugh in a year from now.
The party was a blast and all these sweeties are a real highlight to our week!

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