Friday, December 18, 2009

party and inflatable car

Last weekend Watermark hosted their annual staff Christmas party, and as usual, it was a blast! Last year it was just for the staff and spouses, but this year kids were included. Egan was still a bit young for most of the activities, but I think he had a lot of fun people watching. That, and he made out with some good "loot" in the end.
There were classic video games...

... on the huge flat panel tvs.

Blake even had the highest score on one of the games out of everyone there, but not the one pictured above.
There was a photo with wacky accessories. I don't think Egan was amused. oh well.

Blake played 4 way tug 'o war.

Egan "won" an inflatable car/ball pit. I say "won" because everyone else won prizes in bingo, but anyone under 2 just basically picked a prize.

Egan is all about the inflatable car.

Sometimes he crawls in through the back (where you are supposed to enter), and sometimes he enters like a race car driver through the window.... just cause he's cool like that.

Mainly, he just likes to stand up, and squat, and stand up, and squat. Over and over again.

The Watermark party was super fun for the whole family! We already can't wait till next year!

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