Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a man on the move, and a few other pictures I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.

With Thanksgiving and all the traveling we've been doing, a few photos of Egan have slipped through the cracks. So, here are a few of them. By the way, at his shot visit at the doctor this morning, Egan weighed in at 19lbs 10oz. He's getting so big!
I took these next few the other day when I was getting ready for a little girl to come over to get her picture taken. Egan got to be my little model as I was testing my light. Check out those pjs. I saw those the other night when I was getting some christmas pjs for him. I couldn't resist them since the woodland creature theme of the pjs matches the theme of his room perfectly. They even have cute little owls on them!




Egan has posed a new challenge for me. I love funky hats, and I love Egan in them, but he has decided that no, in fact he doesn't like these hats. See?


This is what happened when I finally gave up on the hat and peeked over the camera to get his attention. He looked at me... but I guess I couldn't hold the camera where I needed to... dang.

Anyway, I gave up on the hat and moved to something that he didn't need to wear. Blocks.

I guess that worked better, but then again, I'm not showing you the many pictures where he is eating the blocks and kicking them across the floor.
Here's one more. I took this out at my parents' house when we were there for Thanksgiving. My grandpa brought this little jacket home for my mom when he was in the army. Now that's old! ;)
IMG_0391 (1).jpg

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  1. Oh, Whitney.. he is just precious. those blue eyes are amazing.. great pics girl!