Saturday, December 5, 2009

eats it up... sort of...

Egan has still been doing a great job of eating, and well, I'm still experimenting in the kitchen with new foods for him. This is the most recent.
IMG_0697 (1).jpg
That is a turban squash. He seems to like it pretty well. I also made this...
Cauliflower. He's not such a fan of that, and I can't say I blame him. It is kind of stinky. I did end up mixing it with carrots, but he hasn't tried that just yet, so we'll see how that addition goes.
I also made some more pears... Egan LOVES pears.
Here is Egan showing how he really feels about the cauliflower (mixed with squash).
and here he is dodging it...

Here's a new skill. He can (sort of) put his own puffs in his mouth. Congrats, Egan! He still drops a lot of them in his lap, but we'll call it a success.
Here he is playing a game with his dad. Every time Blake would lean one way, so would Egan, and every time Blake would hit his hands on Egan's tray, so would Egan. So cute.
I mentioned before that Egan is pulling up on everything, and here's some more proof. He's standing against a little table... no hands of course. That is for babies.
He's also standing against a toy box looking for new goodies. Do you think the kid has a lack of toys?
Pulling up on the dishwasher, you know... helping dad in the kitchen.
... and having lots of fun doing it!
Blake took those last two pictures. Didn't he do a great job?

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