Monday, December 7, 2009

cruisin' into 8 months


Dear Egan,
Today you are 8 months old. While last month you became mobile, this month you perfected that skill. You are a man on the move.

The biggest development this month was the day you started pulling yourself up. One morning, your dad walked into your bedroom because you were awake, and he found you standing up in your crib. When he came back and told me the news, I was shocked! I simply couldn't believe it. I guess that was the beginning of the end. You were standing every chance you got after that, and still haven't stopped.

I think you are enjoying the freedom that crawling gives you, but instead of spending time on your knees, you are pushing up and standing on your toes like a push-up. It may be because we have hard wood floors, but it could also be because you'd rather be standing than on your knees crawling. How long will it be till you walk?!?

I think you are starting to wave, or at least it sure seems like it. It is kind of like clapping. I sure didn't teach you that, but one day, you were just doing it.
You are into EVERYTHING and I have to work hard to keep Bo's toys and bones picked up off the floor. Otherwise they always seem to end up in your mouth. Speaking of Bo, you and Bo are still great friends. I think he has given into the fact that you are staying around here and even plays with you when you get a hold of one of his favorite squeaky toys. I don't think you quite understand why he takes a sudden liking to you, but you soak it up.

We also put up our Christmas tree a few days ago and because you are into EVERYTHING, I wasn't sure how that was going to go. We put all plastic and other unbreakable ornaments around the bottom. We have had a few instances where you have wanted to do some grabbing and I have told you that you cannot grab the ornaments. That's new for you, and I don't think you like it too much. You throw a fit after a few times being told you can't touch the tree. We move on to something else and you do just fine though.
You are doing a lot of "talking" here recently. It seems to be becoming more intentional, but I never know with you. You say "dada" a lot, but I'm not sure that it is in reference to your daddy or just starting to repeat what I say to you. You are also a champion raspberry blower. You do that A LOT. You also are a super fun giggler. One of my favorite times of the day is when you get your little giggle box turned on and you laugh at everything. Those times really make my heart warm.
Just last night, your dad was working on teaching you how to flip the light switch. You did it several times all by your self! I'm sure as time goes, that will become even more fun for you.
As far as food goes, you are still eating like a champ and like pretty much everything that I give you. You are still a paci addict and I think we may have a hard time breaking you of that habit.
Your smile is infectious. I love when you see either your dad or I walk in the room and you flash a huge gummy grin. You even share that smile with other people which is so sweet of you.

Egan, you are growing into such a handsome little boy. It's hard to believe that gone are the days of a snugly little baby, and here are the days of a busy little boy. I love you and I can't wait to see what new things you learn in the next month.

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