Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the "greatest"

Egan has a lot of awesome grandparents, and at some point they will all be on the blog, but it seemed only fitting that his "greatest" grandmother be the first. That is "greatest" because she is his only Great-great grandmother. Meet Grandma Clara.

She is my 97 year old great grandmother, and Egan thought she was pretty cool.

Well, I should say that we all think she is pretty cool and she is an awesome cook. Before we got to her house, she had already cooked a homemade peach cobbler, brownies, cookies, two loaves of homemade bread, assorted things for the following day and dinner was almost ready. I could learn a few lessons from her for sure.

She thoroughly enjoyed Egan.

and he enjoyed her.

She told us all about how things were way back when, and we loved hearing all her stories and seeing all her pictures that went along with those stories...

and we ate... a lot. Egan was no exception.

Grandma Clara, we love you and are so glad we got to come see you!


  1. Amazing! So glad you all had such a great time.

  2. How cool that Egan is standing now!!! So fun :)

    Loved your post about his great-GREAT-grandma! That is so special. She seems just precious! :)