Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ketchup... er, I mean, catch up. (alternately titled, the longest post in all of life.)

Where have we been? Well, in a word, everywhere.
Last week we had several playgroup functions. See the pumpkin patch below. Blake helped organize a concert at work, and also helped with a conference last weekend. Egan and I went with Blake overnight to the conference where Egan was a champ. For the most part, he hung out in his stroller, smiled at people, played with toys, and slept. How did we get such an awesome kid?
Egan has also been everywhere, as in everywhere he wants to be. The kid is on the move. He's not really a proficient crawler, but somehow he gets across the room and back. Here's proof.
He crawled over so he could see out the back door where Bo was.

You know that blanket that he lays on and I take his picture a lot?
Egan has made it his goal to not be on that blanket as much as possible. Well, maybe that isn't his goal, per say, but he is doing a great job at being everywhere in the room but on it.

And he's happy about it.
And he loves to play with toys.

And "scoot" around the room some more.

He's having a ton of fun with it and let's just say that life around here will never be the same.

We also had our playgroup over last Thursday. We had tons of fun, and while I didn't think to take many pictures, here are the few that I did take.
Check out my cupcake handiness. You know I really have everyone... and myself fooled that I can bake. I still don't know how they turned out edible.

Egan thought they looked good as well because as soon as I set them down on the blanket he was the only baby that lunged for them. Guess which cupcake I ate.

There are 13 moms that regularly get together, but I think there were about 9 that came over last week. Here are a few that came.

Marshall was a turtle for Halloween. He and Egan are one day apart and are both ALL BOY.

And because it has been a while since I posted pictures of Egan eating, we are long overdue. I'll fix that now.

I took these tonight as Egan was finishing his dinner. Would you believe me if I said that I was actually trying to keep him somewhat clean by wiping the excess food from his face after each bite?

Yeah, I wasn't successful.

He's now at the age where everything that he DOESN'T have he wants. This was his first grab at the camera.

"oh mom, you are so funny."

Look at this mess! He flung yogurt, sweet potatoes, and pears everywhere. everywhere.

He had it all in his hair, forehead lap, hands, and arms. Did I mention it was everywhere? I love it.

Here's another new trick.

Egan has started clapping. I'm not really sure how he learned that, but he is doing it, and we clap and say "yay!" every time he does it.

Here are a few more from after bath time tonight, you know, just in case you haven't had enough of Egan yet. See the paci out in front of him? that is priority number one.

and check. (He does that all by himself now.)

Next priority, toys.

and what else? clapping!


This is actually the only time today (when he wasn't sleeping) that he was still. The kid doesn't like to sit still... that is for sure.
In other major accomplishments, Egan has successfully accepted the time change. I was hesitant to say anything, but he is doing great! He has gone to bed at 8pm on the dot the last two nights without a tear! I was dreading him going to bed at 7 and getting up at 6 or 6:30. I know a lot of kids doing that, but I guess I'm selfish. Ok, I know I am. Blake got some blackout blinds that I hung up, in addition to the blinds he already had, to help make his room darker in the morning. I'll let you know tomorrow how that goes. I think I'm going to like it though.


  1. Clapping is a big deal! He's figured out how to use both sides of his brain at the same time while successfully coordinating a targeted cross-body motion. He's crossing over a major developmental threshold. He's a genius.

  2. Yeah, Carrie...that's exactly what I was thinking!!! :)