Monday, November 16, 2009


I think I've said it before, but Egan is a true joy, and I think I've also said it before that HE IS GETTING INTO EVERYTHING. Everything. He isn't crawling in the traditional sense, but trust me. He is getting around just fine. He's also found a new use for the exersaucer.

Not only is the top seat a great place to play, but so is the "saucer" part. I did not put those toys in there. He did... all on his own.

He's also having a great time playing with Daddy lately. Could there be anything more fun than snuggling and getting raspberries from Daddy?

Or maybe giving his face a massage? That's always a fun one.

I tried to upload a little video, but couldn't get it to work on the blog, but here's a link. Really, it is nothing exciting, but really is a true picture of my days at home with Egan and Bo. Enjoy.
little video of egan... and bo.
So, yes, we are having tons of fun with our sweet little boy. tons of fun... even though he is into everything.

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