Sunday, November 22, 2009

he's not going to wait till he's 13...

(this was written last week, but I forgot to publish it... oops!)

... to eat me out of this house.

Here's what egan ate for lunch today.
- a bottle (with an hour break before food)
- a teething cracker
- egg yolk
- 2 ice cubes of sweet potatoes
- 1 ice cube of peas
- 2 ice cubes of pears
- 1 tablespoon of yogurt
WOW! He was one hungry boy!
... and boy was he a mess! Check out his hands... a mess.

He had food all the way up to the top of his head.

and we had tons of fun!

He studied that cracker some more...

Well, until he was so warn out he couldn't any more.

(he was not actually sleeping... just rubbing his eyes. He did take a nice long nap after this though!)
What am I going to do when he is a teenager!?!


  1. LOVED getting caught up on the Sawyer happenings! Egan is just cuter than ever- how fun he is!!! Your pics are just priceless. Hope you guys are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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