Sunday, November 29, 2009

Egan has a new trick.

and again I'm shocked. I took this picture last week, but never got around to posting it. At that point Egan was so close to pulling up and standing on his own. We don't really have a lot that is the right height for him, so I piled these big floor pillows for him to practice his new skill.
He even used his head for support. How's that for talent?
Well, yesterday morning when Egan woke up at about 6:30, Blake went in to check on him, and he found Egan STANDING in his crib. That's a first! His crib was on the middle setting, so before bed last night, Blake moved the mattress down to the lowest notch so our little climber can't escape. We are entering an all new scary world!
By the way, he's already pulled up on my chair 3 times this morning. When he does it, you can just see the pride in his eyes. I'm so proud of my sweet boy!

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