Thursday, November 5, 2009

a caption...

Without a doubt, this photo needs a caption. Wouldn't you agree? Give it your best stab in the comments section. The sky is the limit! go...


  1. "My Secret for a Perfect Complexion" - by Egan

    Do you want to know my secret for this beautiful skin? It is a masque made from rice cereal. You just have to rub it all over your face and wait a while. (Tip: Be careful, you don't want it to go up your nose...that makes it hard to breathe, don't get it in your ear...that makes it hard to hear, and don't get it on your clothes...that makes the old folks fussy.) After the rice cereal is dry and crusty, your momma will get a wash cloth and start to work. She'll scrub and scrub to get it all off. Then you'll have the nicest complexion ever! Give it a try!

  2. Someone said, "Elmer's Glue is tasty..." Don't believe 'em!