Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'd call it a success

so, I learned to knit. Yes, knit. I think at my last birthday, I just skipped right to... old lady. Look what I made though!

It helps that I have such a cute model, and he has his "model face" down. I couldn't get him to smile the whole time! You know, Egan, someday you have to learn to smile on command... please?

Egan just wanted to show everyone how good he is doing at pushing up. He's also pulling his knees up under himself. He's not crawling yet, but he is getting closer... scary days are ahead!

Check out this funny face. He was having a great time blowing raspberries. The days are long gone when Egan would just be still and let me take his picture. He's now rolling and turning and banging on the ground. Mom has a new challenge in trying to photograph this kid alone!

Finally he cracked a smile!

Then, dad got home. and yes, he is still wearing his leg warmers, and I like them. Blake? not so much. They do keep his little legs warm in cool weather like today. Anyway, he loves being lifted up in the air. He giggles, screams and laughs. You know Blake will do anything for a laugh, so here he is.

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