Friday, October 23, 2009

a day in the life

Get ready for a bunch of pictures... maybe even more than I normally post. This post is simply to show what Egan is up to, and to show that even better, I posted several pictures. Hopefully they will help tell the story better than I could with words.
The paci...

Egan LOVES his paci. He has become even better at putting it in his mouth. He's even good at finding it on the tray of his exersaucer and putting it in. Did I mention his love for the paci?
Now for a scary sight...

Seriously... that is real. Here's another...

This kid is going to be crawling before we know it. Right now he is getting up on his knees and rocking forward and back.
and an action shot... just for good measure.

Egan is also still obsessed with Bo, and I'd have to say that Bo is taking it all in stride. Here's an interaction between them yesterday.
Photo 1 - Bo moves in close
Photo 2 - Goes in for the lick
Photo 3 - Egan tries to smack him.
Photo 4 - Egan turns and gives a "I'm too cool" pose.

Egan is reaching for EVERYTHING these days, and is doing a great job getting whatever he wants.

Just a cool picture of Bo looking out the window.

Egan still would love nothing more than to get to play with my phone. Here I am tempting him with it just so I could catch it on camera.



Just after he got it, I moved the phone away. I'm such a mean mom.

Here he's planning his next attack.

And one last series. Egan loves to watch Bo. He follows him all around the room as he moves. I'm impressed how fast he can turn a circle!
Photo 1 - Bo is just off camera and Egan is ready to pounce.
Photo 2 - Bo ignores Egan and just walks away.
Photo 3 - Egan studies Bo some more.
Photo 4 - Trying to get Bo's attention by any means necessary.

So, that's a quick look at a day in my life. It's always fun!

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  1. Egan is just adorable. It's a boy thing to be obsessed with phones, cameras, computers...
    Jay downloaded an alphabet app on his iphone and James loves it, it comes in handy when we are out and need to distract him :)

    The pictures are always so good... looks like you guys have settled in your new house nicely :)