Wednesday, October 7, 2009

.5 birthday


Dear Egan,

Today is your .5 birthday! I can't believe that you were born 6 months ago. This time has gone by way too fast. way. too. fast. You are truly the light of our life and if it is possible, you get more fun by the day. Last month you were learning to sit on your own, but you are much better at that now. You are also doing a great job standing and bouncing and boy do you love to bounce. You still LOVE watching Bo and have started diving for him when you are in my lap. He's not a fan, but has been handling it pretty well. You love it when your daddy comes home and I love to watch your eyes light up and see the huge grin come across your face. It is priceless. Sigh, you make my heart melt.
You have started using the "sitting" side of your little bath tub and if it is possible, you love your bath more now than you ever did before. You swing your arms in delight and slap the water so that it splashes everywhere. You also love to play with your little pirate ducky while you are in the bath. The bath isn't just for getting clean anymore, it is now one of your favorite times of the day to play, so I let you do it for as long as you want.
You still love your exersaucer as well as your Johnny Jump Up... obviously, you like to jump in them. I am shocked how fast you have become fearless in that exersaucer. It wasn't long ago when you just leaned forward and could only play with the toy right in front of you, and we had to stuff a little blanket behind you to keep you from accidently leaning backwards and getting stuck or bumping your head. Those days are long gone and you are now a crazy man in it.
Another big change is you just started eating food this month! You started with rice cereal and you did a pretty good job of eating it. You then moved on to butternut squash and peas.
Along with your sitting, you are also starting to scoot across the floor. I'm a bit scared of that one. That means you will be crawling soon! You are also now rolling from front to back (as you have been for a while) and occasionally from back to front. For some reason, you still don't really like to do that.
The Paci... oh, the paci. You love it, and you have FINALLY learned how to put it in your mouth yourself. I never thought I'd write that. You still sometimes get the "paci" side of it in your hand and can't figure out how to get it in your mouth... then you scream. LOUDLY. We're working on that.
I guess the biggest change of all is that we moved into our new house! You have done awesome with the big transition and you haven't really skipped a beat. You sleep great in your new room which I was a bit worried about because there are a lot of windows in there.
Egan, you are so much fun and are ALL BOY for sure... a sweet, snuggly, fearless ball of energy and you teach me something new everyday. I love you and can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!


The pictures in this post? Egan had just woken up from a nap and I wanted to try out my new backdrop. He was still sleepy and not smiley, but his outfit didn't coordinate with the background, but I couldn't resist how cute he is, so here they are anyway. enjoy!

Can you say little Blake? Check out that attitude!


  1. Yay for the (half) birthday boy!!! He is such a cutie and I love reading your notes to him :) Too precious!

  2. So cute! I love the pictures :)