Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mmmmm.... tasty.

Egan just had his first taste of real food. Rice cereal = not real food. Butternut squash = REAL food. The verdict?

He wasn't too sure at first.

I think the verdict is still out...

"Really, Mom. You think this stuff is good?"
Actually, Egan. No. I tried it and I think it is nasty. Sorry.

It really wasn't long before I won him over and he decided he really really liked it. See?

He completely finished his bowl.

Bo even got in on the action.

Last night, as I was cooking this monster of a squash... (yep, no jarred stuff for us!) I dropped a bit on the floor and Bo went to town. He LOVED it. So, I let him lick up Egan's spoon.
I say it was a success for everyone involved!

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