Monday, August 17, 2009

What we've been doing...

Well, It's been a busy week here. We're in full swing working on our house. I've been painting (with some help of course!), and Blake has been working on changing locks, installing lights, more lights, and some more... and also working on electrical stuff. When you buy a 50 year old house, there is some updating to be done. The living room is all but finished, just a few more touchups to be done. Next on my list is Egan's room. It is going to be CUTE! I can't wait. Speaking of, Egan has been a pretty good sport about letting us work some while he naps, but everything moves slower now that there is a baby in the picture! We also got the refrigerator installed that I mentioned before. It looks good, but it is B I G. Oh well. The refrigerators of 50 years ago were much smaller than the models of today and our kitchen was built for a refrigerator of 50 years ago. At some point I'll get a picture of it and share it. Bo loves his new house and his new back yard. Before he ever went over there I had taken some of his favorite toys (as well as some toys for Egan) to the house, and when he finally got to go over there he was SHOCKED to see his favorite monkey. Here he is playing fetch during a lunch break.

And here he is asking me to throw it again.

Have I mentioned he LOVES his back yard? I think Blake and I might love it too so that we don't have to take him down stairs.
Here's something else I did: Baby Bounce time at the library with my playgroup girls and their little ones.
20090813_Baby Bounce_03.jpg

It was crazy... and not in a small way. Egan was not super impressed either. Most of the other babies were smiling and having fun. Egan, not so much. He was just kind of a grump. Oh well, maybe soon he will be more into it.
Anyway, we've had a busy week, but an enjoyable one. More to come!

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  1. Busy week, indeed! I can't wait to see more pics of the house!!! :)