Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pictures of "brothers"

I had quite the challenge today as I attempted to photograph both Egan and Bo. (Similar to this one.) I did manage a cute one of Egan alone don't you think?
He has started watching Bo's every move recently, so most of the pictures in the series he was looking down at the floor. If only Bo was taller. ha ha.
Here's what happened when I tried to get Bo in the picture as well. (Something like this photo taken when Egan was a newborn.) It didn't work out quite like I'd planned, and I think you will see what I mean.
When Bo gets close to Egan, Egan always seems to close his eyes and open his mouth wide. GROSS! He knows Bo is going to lick him, and I think he actually likes it. Bo, on the other hand, doesn't like to sit in reaching distance of Egan because of the flailing arms... sigh... So, notice the first pictures. What is Egan doing?
Then, Bo, who is only motivated by a certain hotdog decided he was done licking Egan and wanted nothing to do with him.
Then, Egan decided he was done laying on his own with Bo or without him.
This is the best I managed. It is quite tough to hold the camera, wave a brightly colored toy for Egan, and also squeak the hotdog for Bo while also telling him to "stay".
So, there ya go. Not all my photo adventures turn out to be a great success.
See the post below, we're trying to get all the addresses in this week. Thanks!


  1. hehehehe :)
    I love the photos... especially the one where Egan's eyes are all the way closed and Bo is going in for a lick and the one where Egan looks mad at Bo.

    So cute. It takes talent, Whitney, to do all those things at once!

  2. Thanks Desiree. I thought they were funny too, and I thought Egan's expressions were too funny not to share. I think he knows the lick is coming, so he closes his eyes, but he likes it, so he opens his mouth. I don't know why. He does the same thing when Blake kisses him with his goatee. Silly kid.