Sunday, August 30, 2009

I thought I'd share some life in general around here. I mean, I do in most of the posts, but I think you'll get the idea by the end.
Egan is not a fan of laying on his own and playing. We're working on it though and he's getting better. The exersaucer really has helped, but I also think it is important for him to spend some time on the floor with toys. This is the same mirror as in the previous post, but I couldn't resist posting him actually using the mirror to look at me.
... and this one because of how the light hits his face.
and this one because... well... he's just cute...
and this... not quite looking at me but studying his toy with his hands...
Now, what I didn't show you was this...
... the very large pile of laundry waiting to be folded on the floor. That is called "selective photography". Normally, if the clothes weren't there, I would have taken Egan's picture with the light behind me instead of in front of me so that he would have had the sunlight in his face, but when I did, there were clothes in the background. In the process, I decided to just fess up to my editing ways. Just for good measure, here's a picture of Bo, the clothes, and Egan.

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  1. Man, I've got to get one of those mirrors for Camryn. Maybe she'd enjoy her tummy time a little more. :) Love the pics of sweet Egan.