Monday, August 3, 2009

Egan's New Love

Egan has another new (to him) toy. This one we purchased off of Craig's list for a fraction of the original price. I sure do love a god deal. Can you tell?
Anyway, Egan is the proud new owner of an exersaucer. It has a seat in the middle and toys all around the outside. He is in LOVE. I guess I should say he is in love with part of it. He hasn't really paid much attention to most of the toys... just this one...
... a butterfly. To be fair, there are actually 3 butterflies on the exersaucer, but it is the ONLY thing he wants to play with. See?
Here, it might look like he is playing with the turtle, but he's not. I had just moved him around so I could put Bo's hotdog up there. That, in turn, made Bo freak out. Remember this? and this? Yeah, that is Bo there in the corner... hunting for the hotdog.
Cute little hands, learning how to play.
"Alright Mom... enough is enough."

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  1. Peter had a Jumperoo. It was the same sort of set up, except it had 3 poles and three springs that attached to the center saucer from them. It was actually quite the most ingenious thing I'd ever seen at that point.