Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birth Announcements

We're finally getting around to sending out some birth announcements for our sweet little man. We need your address though! If we don't have your address, we'd like to have it. I have 2 ways for you to get your address to me. You can either email it to me at whitney at blakeandwhitney dot com. (You know, but formatted like an email address) Or, you can leave a comment here with you address. I've made it so the comments won't show up without my approval so I won't be publishing any comments with addresses. That said, if you want to say something AND leave your address, leave two comments. Get it? Good.
We need your address. We promise not to spam you or to come visit unannounced of course.
By the way, how cute is this little boy? We had fun today taking pictures.