Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 months old - a growing boy!


Dear Egan,
Happy four months! Your four month birthday was also the day that your dad and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We are enjoying every day with you as you grow and change. You have so much personality! In the last month you have really started to play with toys and you do a really good job at holding them. You've got a toy hanging from the top of your car seat that you play with constantly, and I think you are trying to figure out how it works and why you can't pull it down. You also love sitting in your exersaucer. Anything that allows you to stand, you love, but this also has a bunch of toys you can play with and that makes it so much better!

You are definitely your father's son. If there is any sort of screen in the room with you, you find it... even when it is just a small screen on a refrigerator as we walk by. You also like to watch fans, but most of the time ours are moving too fast for you to watch.
One of the other things I'm enjoying about you is your talking and laughing. We have lots of conversations throughout the day, and you must think I'm a pretty funny person with all the laughs you give me. I think you sound like a little owl because the thing you say the most is "Hoo, Hoo!", and it is adorable.
We are still impressed with your sleep. You have been sleeping through the night for a LONG time, but a lot of days recently you will sleep till 8:45 or 9:00. IMPRESSED! You have also been going to bed on your own recently. You don't do it every night, but several times I have put you in your bed awake, and you fell asleep on your own. I love it! You haven't quite gotten there for naps. You like for the room to be dark, and it isn't during the day. We're working on that.
We bought a new house just a few days ago, and we've been doing a lot of work there when you let us. We have a little mat for you to sleep on in your new room. The day we bought the house, we also had a little photo session in your new room! You cooperated like a dream! I'm looking forward to a lot more of those.
You have noticed Bo recently. It was one day when he was barking for me to throw his toy. You looked over at him when he did that and stared at him for several minutes. You guys are going to have fun together soon when you can take his toys.
We took you to the doctor last week, and you weigh just over 15 pounds which is just about average for boys your age. You were growing really fast there for a while, but I think you are starting to slow down although you have been REALLY hungry today. I guess it could be another growth spurt coming!
Another new thing is we've started using cloth diapers in the last month. You don't seem to care, but I think it will be good in the long run, and I think you look SO cute in your little fluffy underpants. Because of the fluffier diapers, I've also been shopping for some roomier clothes for you for the fall. You are going to be TOO cute in the little outfits that look like stuff your dad would wear. You've got all sorts of dark wash jeans, more hoodies than most adults, and some really cute t shirts with drums, and other cool stuff on them. In fact, before you were born and I was in the hospital, your dad got to go shopping for some clothes for you and I had to tell him to focus on summer stuff, and not hoodies. He still got 2 for you though. You will be enjoying them this fall.
We love you and look forward to every day spent with you as we watch you grow and learn more daily.
mom and dad



  1. He is just so adorable. I love these little monthly letters.

  2. Hehe, I was just going to write "LOVE these letters!!" and noticed Desiree said the same thing. Thinking alike!!!