Sunday, August 30, 2009

I thought I'd share some life in general around here. I mean, I do in most of the posts, but I think you'll get the idea by the end.
Egan is not a fan of laying on his own and playing. We're working on it though and he's getting better. The exersaucer really has helped, but I also think it is important for him to spend some time on the floor with toys. This is the same mirror as in the previous post, but I couldn't resist posting him actually using the mirror to look at me.
... and this one because of how the light hits his face.
and this one because... well... he's just cute...
and this... not quite looking at me but studying his toy with his hands...
Now, what I didn't show you was this...
... the very large pile of laundry waiting to be folded on the floor. That is called "selective photography". Normally, if the clothes weren't there, I would have taken Egan's picture with the light behind me instead of in front of me so that he would have had the sunlight in his face, but when I did, there were clothes in the background. In the process, I decided to just fess up to my editing ways. Just for good measure, here's a picture of Bo, the clothes, and Egan.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning play time

Egan has been waking up in a STELLAR mood here lately. Yes, I just used the word "stellar". The last few mornings he's been waking us up over the monitor babbling to himself. I think it is adorable... unless it is 5:30 am like this morning. He did go back to sleep eventually with some coaxing though and didn't wake up till 8:00. That is a much better hour. Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures of him in his crib with a toy and his blankie. The toy has a mirror on it and he has started to look into it.
Snuggling his blankie... I'm not sure if he's hooked yet, but I think he likes the silky part.
Check out those eyebrows! Or should I say skin where eyebrows should be? What few he has are too light to see.
On another note, Egan is getting really good at rolling over from his tummy to his back. He started doing this a while ago, but now he's doing it with his legs. Hard to explain how, but he is...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and That

Here's what is going on with us... in bullet point form.

  • Working on the new house, packing, trying to keep up with things around here. A moving date has been set though. Yikes!

  • Egan still LOVES to splash. See? This is the counter below his bath tub.

And here's the mirror during his bath.
This one has nothing to do with splashing, but I thought it was cute.
  • Egan is still in love with his exersaucer. Most mornings he will sit in it for a few minutes and let me eat breakfast while he studies all the toys.

  • We're still using the cloth diapers, as seen here where Egan studies Blake's shirt. I think he stared at it for at least 5 minutes.

  • Bo has been his typical self. (Read: loud and annoying)

  • Met up with several old friends that we haven't seen in a while.

  • Egan is "talking" and laughing like a crazy man. I love it!

  • He's sleeping about 12 hours a night. I LOVE that too.

  • Egan has found Bo and watches him everywhere he goes.

  • We're learning daily as parents new things from Egan. He's such a cool kid. He's created his own bed time and REALLY likes to stick to it. He naps when he's tired (most of the time), lets us know when he's hungry (loudly), lets us know when he's happy (strangely, also loudly).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pictures of "brothers"

I had quite the challenge today as I attempted to photograph both Egan and Bo. (Similar to this one.) I did manage a cute one of Egan alone don't you think?
He has started watching Bo's every move recently, so most of the pictures in the series he was looking down at the floor. If only Bo was taller. ha ha.
Here's what happened when I tried to get Bo in the picture as well. (Something like this photo taken when Egan was a newborn.) It didn't work out quite like I'd planned, and I think you will see what I mean.
When Bo gets close to Egan, Egan always seems to close his eyes and open his mouth wide. GROSS! He knows Bo is going to lick him, and I think he actually likes it. Bo, on the other hand, doesn't like to sit in reaching distance of Egan because of the flailing arms... sigh... So, notice the first pictures. What is Egan doing?
Then, Bo, who is only motivated by a certain hotdog decided he was done licking Egan and wanted nothing to do with him.
Then, Egan decided he was done laying on his own with Bo or without him.
This is the best I managed. It is quite tough to hold the camera, wave a brightly colored toy for Egan, and also squeak the hotdog for Bo while also telling him to "stay".
So, there ya go. Not all my photo adventures turn out to be a great success.
See the post below, we're trying to get all the addresses in this week. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birth Announcements

We're finally getting around to sending out some birth announcements for our sweet little man. We need your address though! If we don't have your address, we'd like to have it. I have 2 ways for you to get your address to me. You can either email it to me at whitney at blakeandwhitney dot com. (You know, but formatted like an email address) Or, you can leave a comment here with you address. I've made it so the comments won't show up without my approval so I won't be publishing any comments with addresses. That said, if you want to say something AND leave your address, leave two comments. Get it? Good.
We need your address. We promise not to spam you or to come visit unannounced of course.
By the way, how cute is this little boy? We had fun today taking pictures.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bath time with dad

I thought we were about due for some updated bath pictures with Egan. He's super relaxed in these pictures, but he also likes to splash. I think he enjoys the warm water as well as the nice massage he gets while in there. Most of the time, more water ends up on the counter and mirror than actually in the bathtub. Gotta love that!
Looking at me in the mirror...

Looking up at dad...

again chilled out, looking in the mirror...

He's started hooking his elbows in the little hole to help hold him up... and still looking in the mirror.

Getting a little help sitting up...

Monday, August 17, 2009

What we've been doing...

Well, It's been a busy week here. We're in full swing working on our house. I've been painting (with some help of course!), and Blake has been working on changing locks, installing lights, more lights, and some more... and also working on electrical stuff. When you buy a 50 year old house, there is some updating to be done. The living room is all but finished, just a few more touchups to be done. Next on my list is Egan's room. It is going to be CUTE! I can't wait. Speaking of, Egan has been a pretty good sport about letting us work some while he naps, but everything moves slower now that there is a baby in the picture! We also got the refrigerator installed that I mentioned before. It looks good, but it is B I G. Oh well. The refrigerators of 50 years ago were much smaller than the models of today and our kitchen was built for a refrigerator of 50 years ago. At some point I'll get a picture of it and share it. Bo loves his new house and his new back yard. Before he ever went over there I had taken some of his favorite toys (as well as some toys for Egan) to the house, and when he finally got to go over there he was SHOCKED to see his favorite monkey. Here he is playing fetch during a lunch break.

And here he is asking me to throw it again.

Have I mentioned he LOVES his back yard? I think Blake and I might love it too so that we don't have to take him down stairs.
Here's something else I did: Baby Bounce time at the library with my playgroup girls and their little ones.
20090813_Baby Bounce_03.jpg

It was crazy... and not in a small way. Egan was not super impressed either. Most of the other babies were smiling and having fun. Egan, not so much. He was just kind of a grump. Oh well, maybe soon he will be more into it.
Anyway, we've had a busy week, but an enjoyable one. More to come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 months old - a growing boy!


Dear Egan,
Happy four months! Your four month birthday was also the day that your dad and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We are enjoying every day with you as you grow and change. You have so much personality! In the last month you have really started to play with toys and you do a really good job at holding them. You've got a toy hanging from the top of your car seat that you play with constantly, and I think you are trying to figure out how it works and why you can't pull it down. You also love sitting in your exersaucer. Anything that allows you to stand, you love, but this also has a bunch of toys you can play with and that makes it so much better!

You are definitely your father's son. If there is any sort of screen in the room with you, you find it... even when it is just a small screen on a refrigerator as we walk by. You also like to watch fans, but most of the time ours are moving too fast for you to watch.
One of the other things I'm enjoying about you is your talking and laughing. We have lots of conversations throughout the day, and you must think I'm a pretty funny person with all the laughs you give me. I think you sound like a little owl because the thing you say the most is "Hoo, Hoo!", and it is adorable.
We are still impressed with your sleep. You have been sleeping through the night for a LONG time, but a lot of days recently you will sleep till 8:45 or 9:00. IMPRESSED! You have also been going to bed on your own recently. You don't do it every night, but several times I have put you in your bed awake, and you fell asleep on your own. I love it! You haven't quite gotten there for naps. You like for the room to be dark, and it isn't during the day. We're working on that.
We bought a new house just a few days ago, and we've been doing a lot of work there when you let us. We have a little mat for you to sleep on in your new room. The day we bought the house, we also had a little photo session in your new room! You cooperated like a dream! I'm looking forward to a lot more of those.
You have noticed Bo recently. It was one day when he was barking for me to throw his toy. You looked over at him when he did that and stared at him for several minutes. You guys are going to have fun together soon when you can take his toys.
We took you to the doctor last week, and you weigh just over 15 pounds which is just about average for boys your age. You were growing really fast there for a while, but I think you are starting to slow down although you have been REALLY hungry today. I guess it could be another growth spurt coming!
Another new thing is we've started using cloth diapers in the last month. You don't seem to care, but I think it will be good in the long run, and I think you look SO cute in your little fluffy underpants. Because of the fluffier diapers, I've also been shopping for some roomier clothes for you for the fall. You are going to be TOO cute in the little outfits that look like stuff your dad would wear. You've got all sorts of dark wash jeans, more hoodies than most adults, and some really cute t shirts with drums, and other cool stuff on them. In fact, before you were born and I was in the hospital, your dad got to go shopping for some clothes for you and I had to tell him to focus on summer stuff, and not hoodies. He still got 2 for you though. You will be enjoying them this fall.
We love you and look forward to every day spent with you as we watch you grow and learn more daily.
mom and dad


Friday, August 7, 2009

F I V E years later...

Five years ago today was a special day. It was the day that Blake and I married. Since that day, five years ago, a lot has changed. Then, we were still in college, lifetimes less mature, and well, five years younger. In our five years, we've lived in five different towns in four different states. We've driven accross the country two and a half times in the process of moving, yet didn't own a car for three of the years since we married. Three of the times we've moved, we hadn't visited our new home before deciding to move there, and one time we almost moved to Australia, but we didn't. Until recently, every place we moved was half as large yet cost twice as much in rent. Because of all this, we've been able to see and experience all the variety of cultures that make up the USA, and we now have great friends from all over. We have been molded and shaped in lots of ways.
In the last year we've also seen a lot of change. It was one year ago, today that we decided to move to Texas. Yes, that decision was made 365 days ago, which happened to be three weeks before we arrived here in Dallas. We also, in case you haven't heard, had a son this year, and I can say that more than anything, he has provided change for us. I can also say that we are finally feeling like we are getting into a routine and have found our new new new normal. You also may have heard that we purchased our first house last week. Maybe I should say "are purchasing our first house... starting last week". Whatever. You get the idea. Yes, my friends, we know change. Our five years as husband and wife have been marked by it. I might even say we love and embrace the change, but that would be stretching the truth. We do love adventure, but I can't say that we enjoy the unknown.
Each year, on our anniversary, we try to find some time to celebrate each other, and it seems to turn out that whatever we do to celebrate, seems to signify what our next year holds. Here's what I mean...
  • Our first anniversary we were in the process of moving from Arizona to NYC. A few weeks before we moved, we visited LA and stayed at an awesome hotel on the beach. It was a great time to go on a spur of the moment trip and enjoy time together. We left early on a Saturday morning and spent time around our hotel... went out to dinner at an awesome italian place, and just relaxed. Sunday, we went into LA and watched the red carpet festivities for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before cruising around there and finally heading home. On our actual anniversary, we were in the car... moving. That is the part that I would say signified our next year. Moving and unknown in NYC, but the first part sounds like a lot more fun. :)

  • Our second anniversary, I believe we spent exploring NYC. I can't remember for sure, but I think we ate at a cute little Italian place in Little Italy. I guess that is significant of that year because I can't recall a whole lot significant of that year beyond really JUST exploring NYC.

  • Our third anniversary we took a weekend trip out to Connecticut. Mind you, we still didn't have a car so we took the train, and walked around the area where we stayed. We could see the city from our hotel window, yet we felt like we were a world away.

  • Our fourth anniversary, we spent in California pondering our decision to stay in California or make the move to Texas. I can't remember what else we did, but I'm sure we went out to dinner or something. That wasn't the important part of that day.

  • And on to anniversary number five... Today we spent a lot of the day shopping for stuff for our new house. We went to Lowe's and attempted to match what is already in the house with what we saw there. You know, fun things like matching the finish on our bathroom faucet with a toilet paper holder, and finding a replacement lock for our front door that matches the finish on the handle... with no success. We also went tonight to Best Buy and bought a Fridge. Yep, just like that, we walked into the store and picked one out. I guess I should mention that there is a HUGE dent in the freezer drawer. (It is the kind with the french door fridge and a freezer drawer below it.) When the guy told us what he could sell it for and we saw the original price, we pulled out our handy iPhones to find out what a replacement drawer cover will cost. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but we saved over $1200 by buying this dented fridge. SCORE! I can't help but wonder what this means for our upcoming year... I'm hoping to look at it as a "great deal" of a year and not a "dented" one. I guess we will have to revisit this issue in a year to find out!
Blake, I am so thankful for these five years and I look forward to each and every year that is to come. Life with you is a constant adventure and I couldn't dream it any other way. I love you!

PS- Today, Egan also turns four months old, so I also owe him a newsletter for the month, but that may have to wait till tomorrow when I've got more energy.
PPS- Blake mowed our new lawn with a borrowed mower today. We need to purchase our own. Anyone know of any cheap good ones? Pass that info our way.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby carriers - a review

want to know what we think about them? Put short we think they are great. We actually have 2 styles of baby carriers, one is more of a harness style, and the other is a sling. Egan happens to love both. Blake has only worn the harness, and I wear both.
We have the harness pictured below. It is nothing fancy by any means, but in our opinion, it gets the job done. We started using it when Egan was pretty small, and it worked great. Now, he's a lot bigger and it is still easy to carry him for long periods of time. So far, Egan has only faced inward, but soon we will be able to let him face the other direction. We will even be able to turn him around and put him on our back once he gets bigger. I think the main downside of this style harness is that it takes some work to adjust for 2 people of different sizes to use it. That is a big reason that we got our other sling.

We got a second carrying method recently that will be easier for me to quickly put on and take off when out running errands, and it will also allow us to size the harness for Blake so he can use it more easily. I actually got this one off Ebay, but it is a sample from a name brand company. That means we got an expensive sling for $20 including shipping! I'll take that any day. It is just a simple loop of fabric, but I really like how it sits on my shoulder and supports my back. Egan likes how snugly it is. We didn't have this sling when he was itty bitty, but they say you can use them for brand newborns. I do like how he sits in it now. I can either do him in front like in the picture I took at the grocery store below, on my hip, or lots of other ways. It is so flexible, easy, and fast!

Here's another use I've found for it... Nap time while out to eat! Here he is in the restaurant booth. This sling is also reversible and has a matching brown, orange and cream fabric on the back. Don't you just love how it is "our colors"?

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's official!

We're homeowners! We signed the papers this morning, and boy did we sign a lot of things.
This afternoon we went by the house to hang out for a bit, measure a few things, look at paint colors, and... took some pictures.
Enjoy Egan in the new house. It's got AWESOME light.




Blake even got in on the action and took a few. He did great! See?

Egan's New Love

Egan has another new (to him) toy. This one we purchased off of Craig's list for a fraction of the original price. I sure do love a god deal. Can you tell?
Anyway, Egan is the proud new owner of an exersaucer. It has a seat in the middle and toys all around the outside. He is in LOVE. I guess I should say he is in love with part of it. He hasn't really paid much attention to most of the toys... just this one...
... a butterfly. To be fair, there are actually 3 butterflies on the exersaucer, but it is the ONLY thing he wants to play with. See?
Here, it might look like he is playing with the turtle, but he's not. I had just moved him around so I could put Bo's hotdog up there. That, in turn, made Bo freak out. Remember this? and this? Yeah, that is Bo there in the corner... hunting for the hotdog.
Cute little hands, learning how to play.
"Alright Mom... enough is enough."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This weekend

Wanna know what we've done this weekend?  A lot of this...

Blake worked a long week last week, and Egan and I had a busy week as well, so I think we all needed some time to rest and relax before it was time to start another week.
What did Bo do?
He napped as well, and was happy to find a pile of towels I left laying on the floor.  You are welcome, Bo.
This week is a big one as well... 3 major things going on.  Stay tuned for more...