Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a happy wakeup

Egan has been sleeping like a champ here recently. I know I shouldn't say that because tonight will be the night he decides to stop that trend, but I just had to capture this sweet boy as he woke up yesterday morning. Here's what I saw as I walked into his room. At this point he'd been awake for a little while but just happy laying in his bed, so I grabbed my camera.

Just looking around, waiting patiently for me to come get him.

Checking out the pictures on the wall, and watching mom take pictures.

Those pictures are so funny.

I've now got to put on my serious face for a few pictures.

I'll also take a second to brag on my sweet little guy because he is now close to sleeping 12 hours straight at night and the last few nights has been going to bed with out a fuss at all! It is awesome!

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