Thursday, July 16, 2009

Egan's 1st... trip to the ER

Before you continue with this post, know that everyone is ok, just a bit scratched up.
Here's what happened. Yesterday afternoon, we were at our new house getting an estimate for some work that needs to be done, and as I was walking out of the front of the house with Egan, I misjudged the steps and fell... with Egan in my arms. I did what I could to catch him, but didn't succeed and he hit the sidewalk. I freaked out. Blake stayed calm (he always seems to). We called the doctor right then and they said it would be best to take him to the ER since he is so young. We did just that, and thankfully the Pediatric ER wasn't too busy and we got in really quick. Egan did great till we got in the triage room and had to get checked out. He pretty much lost it at that point. Duh, his head hurt, and he was getting tired by this point. They ordered a CAT scan to make sure nothing serious was wrong. Here are some pictures of Egan in the cat scan. He's not very happy in the first one, but he calmed down after a few seconds.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, the room was dark and I wasn't really planning on taking any pictures, so I just had my cell phone.
Anyway, everything checked out ok in that thick head of his. He just ended up with a bit of a scratched head, which I am thankful for in comparison to what it could have been.
Egan was in a pretty good mood while we were waiting to be discharged. Here is Blake playing with him on the hospital bed. You can't see it, but Blake has the moving ER light in his hand and Egan really liked watch it move around.
He was such a trooper through the whole ordeal and we are so glad everything is ok.
I hate for this all to be scary hospital pictures, so here's a cute one I took of Egan today. I had put Egan down on his blanket so I could go do a few things, and he was just so cute I couldn't resist running to get my camera and snapping a few (few=30). I know I've said it before, but could he be any cuter!?!

By the way, the contest in the post below this one is still open and someone is close, but no one has gotten the answer yet. Keep trying!


  1. Glad to hear all is well. He seriously is a cutie!

  2. Oh girl!! So scary... so glad everyone is ok.

  3. Holy cow! Glad everyone is safe and happy. But that last picture is adorable. He does not look like the same baby I saw just a few weeks ago!
    PS- We're coming through Dallas again on August 16. This time we're staying in Keller, but maybe we can meet somewhere in the Grapevine area?