Thursday, July 30, 2009

bath face

Remember way back in this post... just after Egan was born, we posted this picture?

That was taken after Egan's first bath... a bath he didn't enjoy too terribly much. Well, things have changed quite a bit. Egan now LOVES a bath and splashes like crazy. He usually ends up with more water OUT of the tub than IN it. He loves to splash me, the mirror and all over the counter tops, and there is usually not a tear to be had! Last night, after I got him out of the bath and before I put his pjs on him, I thought he was too cute to pass up and just had to take some pictures, so in the style of his first bath, here they are.

Having some fun kicking and swinging the arms all around...
Though today it wasn't a shark towel, it was a lizard of some sort, and in this one, I had tucked the lizard tongue under the hood, and so Egan had to stick out his tongue.
OK, mom, enough with the camera, time for pjs now!


  1. Still LOVING the pics - you've got quite a subject and quite a talent, my friend! :)

  2. He's the cutest! Great pics!