Thursday, July 30, 2009

bath face

Remember way back in this post... just after Egan was born, we posted this picture?

That was taken after Egan's first bath... a bath he didn't enjoy too terribly much. Well, things have changed quite a bit. Egan now LOVES a bath and splashes like crazy. He usually ends up with more water OUT of the tub than IN it. He loves to splash me, the mirror and all over the counter tops, and there is usually not a tear to be had! Last night, after I got him out of the bath and before I put his pjs on him, I thought he was too cute to pass up and just had to take some pictures, so in the style of his first bath, here they are.

Having some fun kicking and swinging the arms all around...
Though today it wasn't a shark towel, it was a lizard of some sort, and in this one, I had tucked the lizard tongue under the hood, and so Egan had to stick out his tongue.
OK, mom, enough with the camera, time for pjs now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a new toy

Check out my new toy!

It sticks to the table of my Bumbo seat and I can spin it and make it light up. See?

I'm pretty good at spinning it, and I like to sit in my chair for a while everyday and let mom get a few things done around the house.

After a while though, it gets pretty boring.

That is when I have to find something else to check out... like Bo!

Ok, maybe I'll play for a bit longer...

Then blow some bubbles...

Alright mom, COME GET ME!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a happy wakeup

Egan has been sleeping like a champ here recently. I know I shouldn't say that because tonight will be the night he decides to stop that trend, but I just had to capture this sweet boy as he woke up yesterday morning. Here's what I saw as I walked into his room. At this point he'd been awake for a little while but just happy laying in his bed, so I grabbed my camera.

Just looking around, waiting patiently for me to come get him.

Checking out the pictures on the wall, and watching mom take pictures.

Those pictures are so funny.

I've now got to put on my serious face for a few pictures.

I'll also take a second to brag on my sweet little guy because he is now close to sleeping 12 hours straight at night and the last few nights has been going to bed with out a fuss at all! It is awesome!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The carrots

Sorry, I'm just getting this posted. It's been a bit of a busy weekend, but finally, here is the story behind the carrots from this post. Last Monday, Egan and I went to Sam's to pick up a few things. There were a few things on my list that I wouldn't normally have gotten in bulk at Sams, but I decided that since I had Egan and I wanted to get some frozen stuff at Sams I didn't want to make a trip to the grocery store as well. Anyway, on my list were carrots, and the only size bag that they had was a 5 pound bag. I was hesitant to get it, but after doing the math, it was almost half the price per pound as the carrots are at the regular grocery store, so I decided that even if we didn't finish all 5 pounds, we might get close, so it was worth it. The story doesn't end here. Blake decided that he would go by the grocery store on his way home from church Monday night and surprise me with some ice cream, and while he was there, he decided that he's pick up some carrots... 2 lbs of them. He didn't know I had gotten carrots earlier in the day, and I didn't know he was going to the store or that he was going to get carrots, so that is how we ended up with an unusual number of carrots in our house... yes, it was 7 lbs total. What are we going to do with SEVEN pounds of carrots?
So, the winner... is Jessica. Shall we say you win a bag of carrots? We still have lots.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Egan's 1st... trip to the ER

Before you continue with this post, know that everyone is ok, just a bit scratched up.
Here's what happened. Yesterday afternoon, we were at our new house getting an estimate for some work that needs to be done, and as I was walking out of the front of the house with Egan, I misjudged the steps and fell... with Egan in my arms. I did what I could to catch him, but didn't succeed and he hit the sidewalk. I freaked out. Blake stayed calm (he always seems to). We called the doctor right then and they said it would be best to take him to the ER since he is so young. We did just that, and thankfully the Pediatric ER wasn't too busy and we got in really quick. Egan did great till we got in the triage room and had to get checked out. He pretty much lost it at that point. Duh, his head hurt, and he was getting tired by this point. They ordered a CAT scan to make sure nothing serious was wrong. Here are some pictures of Egan in the cat scan. He's not very happy in the first one, but he calmed down after a few seconds.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, the room was dark and I wasn't really planning on taking any pictures, so I just had my cell phone.
Anyway, everything checked out ok in that thick head of his. He just ended up with a bit of a scratched head, which I am thankful for in comparison to what it could have been.
Egan was in a pretty good mood while we were waiting to be discharged. Here is Blake playing with him on the hospital bed. You can't see it, but Blake has the moving ER light in his hand and Egan really liked watch it move around.
He was such a trooper through the whole ordeal and we are so glad everything is ok.
I hate for this all to be scary hospital pictures, so here's a cute one I took of Egan today. I had put Egan down on his blanket so I could go do a few things, and he was just so cute I couldn't resist running to get my camera and snapping a few (few=30). I know I've said it before, but could he be any cuter!?!

By the way, the contest in the post below this one is still open and someone is close, but no one has gotten the answer yet. Keep trying!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a little game

Update: No one's guessed it yet. Keep trying!

Original post: Want to play? The first person to guess the number of pounds* of carrots in our fridge wins something really great... recognition here on our blog.
By the way, if I don't know who you are, even better. Leave a comment telling me who you are, and if you have a blog what it is so I can get to know you! I will be turning on comment moderation so no one can cheat, but they will be revealed after the contest is over.
The contest ends Friday at 12pm, so ready... set... go!

*We're counting the number of pounds that we had on Monday before we started eating them. The actual number now is a little less.

Friday, July 10, 2009

at which point I said... you can never "remind" me that I had pink hair in college. Alternately titled... What is black, white, and red all over?

Today was fun... fun for several reasons.
  1. Egan is just cute, and we have tons of fun with him.
  2. It was Blake's day off and we got to hang out... which leads to point number 3...
  3. Blake made me laugh and can no longer make fun of the fact that my hair was pink in college. (ok, so it was pink, then purple, then red with blonde highlights, and then some shade of orange, before returning to various shades of brown or blonde depending on the day. Yeah, got it... so that's not the point here, but in case you were wondering, SHE was my influence.) Back to the story. Blake made me laugh several times, but never harder than when he did this:
What is Blake doing looking under the car, you ask? Well, he wasn't really looking under the car as much as he was putting on clothes... and yes, that is a parking lot behind him. He was putting on clothes because today is a holiday... a very big holiday, in fact. Today is the holiday where we pay respect to cows everywhere. Never heard of it? Me either, but Blake decided that it was important that we participate. He even worked really hard in preparation for today, and I think you will understand what I mean after you take a look at the following photo...


prepare yourself.


here is comes!


Yes, that is for real, and no, there was no gun pointing at him off camera. He volunteered to do this, well not so much volunteered as took on a dare. He still did it willingly though.
Kudos, Blake. You look cute. Was it worth the free Chick-fil-a meal?
Egan is going to die here in about 12 years when we are no longer cool and I decide to bring this picture out.
Thanks for making my day, and making me laugh. You are the best.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we have a roller on our hands

You remember when I mentioned here that Blake found Egan on his side one night in his crib? Well, check out what I found today...

He was sleeping, and I was making some lunch. I heard him starting to wake up so I went in and gave him his paci to see if that'd help him sleep better, and got back to making some lunch. Before I sat down to eat, I went in to check on him to see if he went back to sleep and I walked in to see him wide awake laying on his back happy as could be! (Remember, he's a tummy sleeper.) What do you think I did? I ran to get my camera, of course! Since he was happy, I went about eating my lunch and he laid there looking at the pictures on his wall for 15 minutes. It was so nice! Thanks, Egan for a peaceful lunch!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 months and growing fast

Dear Egan,
You are three months old today and I can't believe it! You are really growing and changing fast. This month your smiles have really started to shine and I love every second of it. Your smiles are priceless and make my heart melt. You like to spend a little bit of time in your bumbo seat, swing and most recently your "johnny jump up" seat that hangs from a door. You are still a bit wobbly so you don't sit up for a long time by your self yet.

You really don't like to lay down and would much rather sit up in our laps or stand up with our help. You just can't stay a baby, can you?
Lately I've found you in your crib after a nap and you are just starting to push up on your arms and lifting your head way up in the air. Just last night, your dad said he found you rolled onto your side from your tummy in the middle of the night. I think that is mostly because you were up against the side of the crib. You really don't like when you scoot to the edge. In fact, that is pretty much the only time you wake up at night. (Thanks, Egan... we love you for that. The sleep is awesome!)
You are also learning more about your hands and feet. You like to grab our shirt and hold onto it, but you haven't started holding toys yet. You have really started to like splashing in your bath. Usually by the end, I'm totally soaked as is the counter top were the tub sits. It's fun!
We are enjoying your little personality come more as each day passes and love to watch you study new surroundings and people, and boy do you really study them. I love it! You have such serious and expressive eyes. You have also started what we call the "fake cry". It is like you aren't upset enough to really cry, but you want us to know you aren't happy either and it sounds like an adult making a cry sound. Sometimes I even think you cry a bit and then stop to see if I'm going to do anything about it, but I could be dreaming that one. I'm pretty sure you have everyone wrapped around your finger though. You still have your "cry time" most nights and that isn't fun, but it is becoming less and less which is nice.
This next month is going to be a big one. We are buying a house and one month from today is your dad and my 5th wedding anniversary, so we will be sharing that day with your 4 month birthday. It'll be a fun day!
Egan, you have changed our life in so many ways, but it is so great and I enjoy each day I get to spend with you. I think you are starting to wake up now, so I better get busy with some stuff.

Check out this cute kid in his bouncy seat. He loves it and I'm sure he will love it more as he gets bigger and can really bounce in it.